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  1. There's no link? But anyway the Yang Twins are ****. They were completely unnecessary on Boom Boom.
  2. So now Jamie's lawyers have been caught lying. Incompetent legal team for an incompetent man. This is crumbling before our very eyes. Katerina Perreault, the former employee of Wallet's, twitter account; https://mobile.twitter.com/law_kati Another lawyer, along with Lisa MacCarley, who is pro FreeBritney.
  3. She's really good and so is Lisa MacCarley who has attended and spoke at a few of the rallies including todays.
  4. Thank you. People should revert to this - it answered any questions I still had. Quite happy with Lynne’s lawyer mentioning the coincidence in Sam Ingham not being paid and then requesting payment is made so Ingham and Britney can work "aggressively through the many issues that are going to be before the court."
  5. The more I think about it, the more I laugh at how incompetent Jamie & Co. are making themselves look. They genuinely don't need anyone to do it for them. I mean, Jamie doubling Lou & TriStar's annual salary to $500k, seemingly with no issues, purely to prevent TriStar running at a loss as apparently even though B is not working they still have to. And 12 years after the conservatorship was implemented Jamie & Co. all of a sudden have an issue paying the court appointed lawyer, the same man who they have paid religiously since 2008 without fail. We are supposed to buy (no pun intended) that Jamie and Wallet are more suitable to manage Britney's multi million dollar estate over a trust with multi billion dollar clients such as Apple, Google etc when they now question payments they've been making since 2008. I can't. I literally can't. It may have been some sort of delaying tactic by Jamie & Co. but it has only, once again, proved why they should not be involved with her estate. Judge Brenda better come through and handle this at the next hearing.
  6. Who else would he get paid by? Britney doesn't have access to her money. He's court appointed but he gets a fee from the conservatorship fund to represent Britney. Yes, Britney is essentially paying all lawyers fees on both sides.
  7. They stopped paying Sam Ingham when he started to work FOR Britney as opposed to against her. Can Team CON make this anymore obvious? Do ANY of them have any common sense? 😂
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