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  1. I'll let Smile [album] slides for not getting any nominations, but how the f—k Daisies fails to snatch at least one category? And Yummy did? Dua better win at least one in this lottery show.
  2. I can't assume anything since I don't really know what happened but indeed, the hypocrisy in this community is overwhelming. I can't help but to feel sorry when sometimes I have to argue with some Britney fan for suggesting that the other artists should be in conservatorship as well. Like, how could they really help and support Britney in her legal battles if some of them don't quite understand the idea and conditions of "conservatorship". I know sharing your experiences is a way of expressing yourself, letting go of the weights, and spreading out awareness, but it's also a kind of weakness. This is still a community, the individuality has no difference in actual world. You can meet a lot of interesting people, but the mean-spirited, narcissistic and toxic ones are still out here. And once they know anything about you personally, they will not hesitate to use that against you. They might messed up your thoughts and feelings out of their insensitive-ness, but always remember, this is ONLY a virtual community. If you feel like you're overwhelmed, logged out and take a break. But never expect for an apology. Cut them out of your circle. Focus on what made you join here, and just do what makes you comfortable. I don't know about you, but I believe in karma. They will learn the lesson out of their own mistakes without you knowing about it. Cheer up!
  3. I'm not really into musical, but once I hear a song and feel like it, it'll be straight to my playlist. The Greatest Showman Dear Evan Hansen Enchanted
  4. Hands down, the gem of Smile: Tho the song is kind of narcissistic: Their best track in years: Surprisingly good, but JB should tone down his hip-hop spirit:
  5. Cold facts you mean, here's another one. "Toxic people feasts to other people's failures."
  6. I love her but I don't think so. Witness The World Tour struggled a lot selling out tickets, to the point she had to do some discounts and music packages. She can sell handful of tickets each shows for the profit, but not as on demand as PRISM era. But she's still big in South American countries like Mexico and Brazil. With proper marketing she could sell out tour in those regions.
  7. It grew on me after my third initial listen. I think Dua owned this track. The production is kinda boombastic, and has deep house elements that don't really suit well with Miley's raspy vocal. The bridge is also lazy. In all, a so-so track.
  8. I understand that the last two albums are clearly wasn't her peak, but there's a reason why she's still released Smile [track] as a single even though it was widely leaked everywhere like a month ahead of it's initial release. It's your choice to be labeled as hater by using your data and energy to spread bitter comments.
  9. I disagree, I think that track is a pure boomer considering how she just recreated Black Widow while sampling another song. The pre and chorus are indeed the hooks but the melody in verses are so lazy. I think Tucked, Champagne Problems and Only Love stand great chances to chart.
  10. I don't understand your drama behinds the "overexposure", like if the artists wanted to perform let them be, and if you really don't care then let the news pass.
  11. My legal name is Albert but I adopted my Meemaw's last names, Avelarde Aspera, that creates a perfect alias with triple A's.
  12. First of, I want to donate my organs if the state of my body isn't in severe condition, then my remains will be cremated the same day I die. I'll probably have a list of people attending my 10 mins funeral, playing only one song: before scattering my ashes off the ocean.
  13. I think I was 17 when I considered myself an adult. That time, I probably realized that I have to own my missteps, acknowledge my bad decisions for better judgement, and let the achievements be my career compass. Adulthood isn't just a social concept or physiological changes, but it's the integrity and awareness of responsibilities. This song and movie probably tell more about me:
  14. Still thriving but I'm getting there, thank you so much for being thoughtful. Yeah, I'll listen to her albums chronologically once I'm in receptive mood. And I think it's not really hard to get into her discography because Katy and Britney kinda have a similar sound. The fact that they shared same producers.
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