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  1. I was just scanning off my news feed on Facebook, when I suddenly bumped into this shared punned post of a guy for being the male version of Katy Perry. And boy, I must say I literally freaked out when I saw this: I thought, it was just a face filter that became a trend recently but it wasn't. I found out that he is actually an aspiring artist named Alexander 23, Alexander Glantz in his birth name and 25 years old. I might check his catalogue out some time but still, his resemblance to Katy Perry is remarkable. Edited: I just checked his YouTube channel, and this is the song from him that I liked so far. I think his music is okay, because it is not really the genre that I'm into.
  2. I worked as an electronic chip operator owned by a Japanese manufacturer for like 6 months. Talking to my bosses was way more harder the job itself.
  3. Artist's persona usually plays a big part for me. And in this case, Shawn Mendes is the first one to comes up. I really used to like his music and him as a performer, but after his third album came out and the start the thing with Camila, I feel like he starts to lose his genuine purpose in sharing cheesey music but rather a chart hungry twink showing mouthjob clips with his "girlfriend". Or, I just outgrow Shawn as an artist, especially with the sudden shift with his priorities, I can't see the good boy persona that drawn me to him.
  4. And Love Again, I envisioned a Star Wars inspired music video with it featuring the old Lucas film cinematography. Damn, that would be so good.
  5. Science, but only some of it's branches like Biology, Genetics, Geology and Evolution. History because I love memorizing dates and events. Philosophy because I love arguing with people, and sinking my beliefs on them.
  6. Looking back in this thread, even I misinterpreted what Katy's answer to this kpop fiasco. She was asked about the collaborations between some of the female US artists and blackpink, then Katy replied it's a "trend" but not pertaining to the whole korean genre but the features instead. I don't really care about this kpop existence, it's just their fans must stop cherry-picking and overreacting in attacking celebrities like Katy.
  7. Sometimes, a secondhand touch is what it takes to make something better. And here are the remixes that I definitely love, because these DJ's know how to do their job (*wink* at The Blessed Madonna): Superficial Love (Ruth B) Where's My Love? (SYML) PRISM Album Remix (Katy Perry) What are yours?
  8. The songwriting is superb, but the production is a stereotype of a country-folk genre as possible. Otherwise, cheers to her new success.
  9. Artsy Pacifist Reserved Animal Lover A Human (Mark Zuckerberg )
  10. I don't mind straight people playing gay roles in films, but considering if Hollywood represents the LGBT community well in big screen is very far from satisfaction. There are a lot of gay stereotypes and clichès if you'll watch at least one of the LGBT marketed films, like Love, Simon. That's why I am always impressed how most indie films have successfully tackled some of the unexplored corners of being part of this community. No censorships, filters and hidden agendas, just pure societal form of art.
  11. iT's YoU is truly an underrated, the entirety of Mind Of Mine actually.
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