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  1. I'm just glad my point came across! English is not my native language so I was afraid of being misunderstood... But yes, I "stan" only Britney because she's the only artist I care for beyond her music (I don't even listen to pop usually lol), but I recognize that other artists are also great in doing what they do! Imho music shouldn't be a competition, it's art, it should be built upon each other not tear each other down
  2. Imho that's kinda like apples to oranges... In bomt Britney admitted herself that she didn't know how to be more assertive on the direction of her album as opposed to later albums. (Not saying she had 0 say in it, just way less than later albums) It is also in my opinion her worst aged album. It sounds so 90s! Haha. But in a good way. In Billie's case iirc she started doing music and then got signed, so it makes sense that from the start her album represents her vision. Impact wise bomt is very ingrained in pop culture... With Billie it's a bit early to tell tho
  3. I know it's an unpopular opinion but strictly post 2010, when she appeared to be less put-together than usual. Up until then I honestly didn't think she acted strange at all despite what everyone says
  4. I remember in like 6th grade every boy had the Justin Bieber haircut. But back then it was "cool" to hate on him, even tho I had classmates that were huge fangirls. But I may be biased because I was a kid when Justin got big so that's what I remember most. Everyone loved Hanna Montana too but I feel that they loved the show more than they cared about Miley and her music.. Rihanna was very big in my country too, everyone more or less liked her (I wanted to be her when I was like 10 hahaha)
  5. That's what I've been thinking for some time too... I don't think B is complicit, but tax fraud can be qualified as a quite unflattering reason for a c-ship. And the c-ship has been described as a "hybrid business model"...Also she can't testify in court for all kind of lawsuits so that works out well for whoever manages her money too I guess.
  6. Medication doesn't cause psoriasis, but it can trigger a flare up... (although so can stress). I believe it's genetic? I know eczema can be (it is for me) but idk about psoriasis
  7. I read somewhere that she was denied the back entrance and would have had to go front but idk don't quote me on this
  8. She looks like she's in Sailor Moon on that photo. And I'm here for it
  9. My sister has just started middle school, she loves Lady Gaga and Katy Perry so I think it's time to introduce her...
  10. So she doesn't remember people she met like once or twice, at work. I believe that's pretty common and normal, hell I don't remember half the people I meet (because I usually meet a lot of people), and I'm pretty sure that I'm mentally sound...
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