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  1. Also, do y'all think that if we buy vinyls they’re gonna kick britney out of the courthouse and say “sorry babe no freedom for you they bought your records :(((“ like lol
  2. Wait till you find out I got my Circus CD directly from the zone Besides, most of the profits earned from her music goes to her label RCA and not team con.
  3. I got a 95% on my math final in 7th grade Also, geometry's fun for the first year or so because it's mostly drawing circles and understanding the radius, diameter, etc but once you get to the laws ooh boy You're gonna have to use at least 5 laws to solve ONE problem That's great! Hope you do well in the rest of your exams so you can get on here more!
  4. It sounds overproduced (in a good way) similar to born this way & AG's dangerous woman. Great job!
  5. Congratulations! I hope this gets new people to join exhale!
  6. Around 9th grade lol. I have a hard time understanding geometry and usually half the exam would be around it so it was a struggle. Algebra's okay; luckily I'm taking calc these last two years (which is pretty hard but I'll manage). Good luck this year by the way! Year 8 will always be my favorite
  7. Omg you’re in 8th GRADE? I just started my junior year of high school! (Grade 11) jesus. But hmm to be honest it used to be math but I think right now probably history.
  8. Oh I know! They just constantly go viral and it bugs me. But yeah I’m aware it was the most watched episode lol
  9. I wish this episode had never happened because people on twitter constantly talk about how Brittany outdanced Britney AND outsold her
  10. The way I overplayed gimme more but still gave it 11/10As I should.
  11. This song is pure ****. I CANNOT believe it's higher than get back, everybody and hot as ice. SHAMEFUL!!!
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