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  1. Exactly! Stop enabling the slavery. In What other human rights cause do people say ”critize the slavery but NOT the traffickers and slave owners”?! It is insane. So What some of them are her Family? I never saw anyone defend Josef Fritzl,
  2. I am trying to message you But my phone does not work with this page. Are you on some other site? Finally someone that does not enable the team and you’re about to leave 😂
  3. No! I thought you wrote good things! I like people that don’t enable abuse and dare to stand up. 😞
  4. What I think about Billy now and that call: I don’t have a clear opinion on whether he did talk to her or not. I did Really like him until this point. What I Really don’t like is How he bullies the entire movement now and How he polarizes and dominates by saying that those that doesn’t just believe him 100% are ”hating” and being ”negative”. Since when is it a negative thing to advocate for human rights?! He is making this out to be about him at this point and I also think his obsession on fame and celebrities is ridiculous. He seem to think that Britney’s fan thinks she is an actual goddess and not a person, when #freebritney is all about humanising Britney and talk about her as a HUMAN BEING WITH HUMAN RIGHTS!
  5. Yeah, like wtf? Why is he so obsessed with Breathe Heavy? Why is HE being so negative and bringing negativity and bad press on the movement?! #freebritney is firstly the devoted people who have creates Instagram pages for the cause and arrange her rallies etc. None of them writes Any ”hate” about Britney. Course Billy can always find a so called ”fan” who writes disrespectfully about her, she is one of the most known popstars in history, hello... But that doesn’t mean that that person represent the movement ”Free Britney”.
  6. I know she liked them but Britney was so original from start, nothing like Madonna at all. I think Madonna was influenced by HER and went back to blond and tried to be ****, after having had long black hair and tried to be spiritual. Now she (Madonna) has been doing The blond stripper thing ever sense 2003.
  7. Exactly, WTF?! Since when are we doing a contribution to The Olympics in salsa dancing home in our kitchen when we spontanuosly move to music? Dance is NOT supposed to be that fascist ”stay in your lane”. She is a creative artist and The people critizing her are clearly not.
  8. It’s not about LOOKS, Jesus christ! All of her men have been parasites and golddiggers! She should have been with someone who themselves is an A-list star so they were on an equal level and The other person didn’t use her to get fame. Someone who already was famous. And creative like her! A freespirit like her.
  9. Yes. I always thought she should have hooked up with another creative star in Hollywood. Not f-ing gold-digging employees such as backup-dancers, personal trainers or bodyguards. Someone with their own charisma and starlight not interested in stealing hers. She and Farrell look natural together. Two stars. Not a star and a leeching, fake, jealous golddigger.
  10. Yes. Don’t make her a hero out of nothing. Stop believing anyone close to that family is secretely a human rights activist. It wouldn’t have been a secret.
  11. The f-ing hypocrysi. That is so much worse than anything Britney did 2007. But she lost all of her rights and freedom of speech which Brian endorse, then he, himself hook up with a teenager who poses with drugs and machine Guns in underwear. I am so sick of people saying that everyone needs To stop critisizing her family. They are The ones doing this against her and profiting from It.
  12. Noone else read The words ELECTRIC mat and SHOWER ”over your head” ? Just like being ”wrapped up”. She or someone from her team could be telling about abuse at that psychiatric ”facility” her father put her in 2019. Like when she wrote about strong preskriptions (acne). Could as well have been The ”medicine” she is forced To take. The videos had nothing to do with It, her boyfriend or someone force her To do those and she just chooses videos and photos from The computer when posting.
  13. I think her worst predators are her mom and dad. The siblings are the hyenas, running after. Macualay Culkin was given to a peadophile but he managed to legally become an independent adult at 14. Britney is 38 and her dad managed to keep her a child Forever. I think she could have been put through a lot, including ****** abuse though. Would not be surprised if it has been happening within ”her team” as well.
  14. Yeah. There is a special place in Hell for families like the Spears (minus Britney oc) Michael Jackson’s dad, Macualay Culkin’s parents, Wade Robson’s parents etc. Child traffickers 🤬
  15. Absolutely. I have never, ever heard or seen her in anything else than small articles where she is featured as ”Britney’s sister”. None other in that family has a job or create something of value. They all live of their one, talented and intelligent family member who also is the Only one with work ethics 🤬 They even traffick her, the nerve.
  16. ”...and she likes Lou”. Yes. How the hell Can you like the person that took away your grown daughter’s civil right and broke her heart and then kept her silenced for 12 years?!!
  17. I just want to applaud you on a great post. Wish this would be quoted in the media instead of the cherrypicking of ”conspiracy theories” they choose. This is bigger than Weinstein. They are, openly, trafficking and holding a woman in slavery and noone dares to talk about it.
  18. But she is explicity forbidden to talk while under conservatorship. It is in the court order! I f she did write a book I would not trust the content as long as she lives with an entire team that controls her every move and lock her up at mental institutions and forces drugs down her throat when she ”disobeys” them!
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