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  1. I just had a question after watching some videos on Instagram. Knowing what we know about how they have tried to paint the conservatorship in a positive light and Britney being accepting of it, how was it that they still allowed footage such as this to be included when they had full control of what was shown and the narrative of the documentary. Is it just that things hadn’t become as dark as they would become to be in years to come? Find it very hard watching the footage of her crying in FTR after knowing what we know!
  2. I know I know, it’s 12 years ago but it’s actually hard to comprehend that Britney in FTR is the same Britney we see today. Imagine if she was able to see herself in years ahead, it’s just unrecognisable. I hope the true authentic Britney is still there to be seen!
  3. Is this Instagram saying that if the connected dots are correct, she could potentially be worth $657m+?? https://instagram.com/stories/lawyersforbritney/2375600304207220762?igshid=y8h9zvhjnsc0
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