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  1. Partially yes , but except for the "lesbians are supportive" part .... that is something that can just come out of the mouth of someone who is not a bisexual/lesbian woman . If you ever date with a lesbian women you would realize how toxic that community can be sometimes .... But I guess it's like this everywhere
  2. I'm genuinely curious Is she still popular in the US? because everyone knows her name here but her latest album and songs have been a huge flop here
  3. Solidarity between lesbians? Lol where ? I guess it's only in America. I have noticed that in the gay community they tend to blame themselves for things that everyone does regardless of their sexuality or gender. Gay men are not the only ones who are not supportive with each other , straight men are exactly the same they compete with each other all the time , also the word "fidelity" is almost non-existent for them (I have 5 straight brothers I know what I'm talking about lol ), plus they tend to be very cruel to each other. On the other hand woman in our community are not that different. I think gay men should stop blaming themselves all the time.
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