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  1. I wish they would stop with this ‘savior’ narrative they’re trying to push for Lynne. Lynne Spears is responsible for a lot of her daughters(actually her children’s) trauma ..... she legit kept them in an abusive household , pushed her daughter into pageants , let her get involved with with an older boy, then *****d her out to hollyweird all before her brain was fully developed. When she was on her press tour for her book she was painting it out to be about taking responsibility for her daughters issues, but honestly it read more like her painting herself as a mother sacrificing to make her daughters dreams come true. She never had a chance guys, and it’s sick. Based on her family history I’m sure Lynne experienced trauma in her own childhood and never dealt with it. Clearly both parents have issues coping with things (Jamie is a freaking alcoholic) in their lives and unfortunately have passed those down to their kids. Neither parent should be involved and they all need family therapy.
  2. Wow the value of the home went down by like 2 million in 2012 - 2015 ... the real estate market was really bad dang.
  3. I really wish the best for her , but I’m getting a be careful what you wish for vibe. Since the Jodi lady has been in charge you can see that there’s been almost a lax supervision, her gym fire and the fact that she developed a gap within months from simply not wearing her retainer. I don’t think she needs someone holding her hand , but I do believe someone should be there to help her refine her routine to better prepare her for the transition.
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