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  1. I guess it’s established she won’t be promoting any of this... with that in mind, if any work has to be put out there (for contractual obligation), a feat. with some late 90’s titans is a smart move. I mean, just the nostalgia of it all would be awesome... and Christmas time is perfect for this, given that is usually when older songs/artists somehow resurface with a fair share of airplay. But it also sounds odd... She used to be close with some of the BSB guys; sounds unlikely that any of them would support this release (if the rumors are indeed true) knowing she’s on strike.
  2. Damn, this kiddos are all sore losers, aren’t they? Specially rappers, it seems... They all out there claiming Grammys are irrelevant, but still salty as **** for being snobbed and taking it to social media to express ideais no one really asked for. I’m not saying that the Grammys are a perfect awards that always get things right, but this overproduced stuff these newbies put out there (that all sound like remixes of the same track) is barely anything to be proud of. Entitled much!? Michael Jackson was wrongly done by Grammys back in his Thriller era (which is light years more iconic than what these basic people are putting out there) and instead of *****ing about it, he took upon himself to outdo it and simply owned the award later in his “Bad” days. Youngsters should take a page out of the veterans’ books...
  3. Considering he's deceased, this sale is kinda of creepy.
  4. I completely understand your goal to keep this forum a positive place, Jordan... I really do. But there’s a difference in hating and criticizing. I don’t hate on Lynne. Heck, how could I hate someone I don’t even know?! But she ain’t getting no standing ovation from me. As you said, Lynne made mistakes in the past, and so did everyone else, including Britney herself, let’s not be delusional in here. But why, some 13 years later, is Britney the only one still paying? Everyone else seemed to learn, grow and move one, but the one who actually worked her *** off to give her whole family a better life. If anything was wrong about Britney’s situation (either legal or health-related), and everything so far indicates so, she as parent should be the first one to fight against it and make things right by her daughter, not sit by and watch, having strangers take action before herself to care for her own daughter’s well being. Didn’t she ever take an interest in knowing what her own kid’s medical situation was? Didn’t Britney ever voice it out loud to her that she was not happy with the situation? Didn’t she ever witness the blatant moral abuse going around, having Britney’s children used as leverage to keep her complacent? Whatever she’s doing right know is just damage control, she never acted to prevent any actual damage happening. So no “parent of the year” award for doing nothing less than her job as a parent.
  5. there’s a context to that scene, buddy. She had an argument with Osama inside her car. She was clearly emotionally shaken then and getting in to a fight with who she probably considered her only friend overwhelmed her. She left her car and started walking home, and bam: dozens of paparazzi flashing their cameras at her, capturing every moment of her misery and sadness. It’s not like she was crazy girl roaming the streets of LA, lost. She was trying to clear her head, and not even in her gated community she could get it. And pls, let’s not address the ***ist Perez. He’s someone who clearly rejoiced in her (and many other females) despair. He was one of the hardest critics, even in her most sensitive state.
  6. She does look confident here, it just shows through the picture. If she get the ITZney sass back, butts will kicked for sure...
  7. yeah, throwing Britney back into the spotlight mere months after her “breakdown” (if there ever was such an episode to be named breakdown) was saving her life. Having her tour the world months after her struggles to make bank for lawyers and medical bills (that she probably didn’t need) was saving her life. Going behind her back and denying her right of legal representation of her choosing was saving her life. Officially lying to a court and having her record state she has DEMENTIA was saving her life. Using her toddlers over her as leverage to keep her complacent was saving her life. Pushing her to record music, videos, go on tours, without legally allowing her to say NO if she didn’t feel like it was saving her life. Severe every social contact she could have, monitoring every step of hers, driving her into (what seems) an eternal case of social anxiety was saving her life. Taking advantage of the fact that she can’t oppose to any decision about her OWN money (because u know, u worked to deem her incapable and stole her right of representation) and use it in any way without consulting her or respecting her wishes also saved her life. Y’all have to stop the stupid romantic notion that her family wants the best for her. Even if mother and siblings weren’t the ones doing any of it, they still all watched (as fully capable and understanding grown-ups) it happening without opposing the abuse. Jamie didn’t save Britney’s life. Nor did Lynne, JL or Bryan. They made bank out of her, at the expense of her well-being.
  8. once again, agreed! Her own family set her up for failure from the start. Why care for her mental health while she was bringing big coins? She tried to rebel, cut their funds out and live her life on her own terms and voilà: 12 years of conservatorship and going, with the consent and agreement of every close relative of hers. There’s no excuse in there. Being herself the victim of abuse at James’ hands, as some have stated in this topic, why the **** would she allow her own daughter to suffer the same at the hands of the same person? Why idly watch by for over a decade this going on? She was the closest parent to Britney, who for years made clear was not on the best terms with Jamie. She knew Jamie was abusive, struggled with substance abuse, was not at all qualified for such a role, yet she relinquished all control over her daughter’s life without hesitation, and stayed silent on the corner for years before the public took the lead in fighting it, before herself. I’m very sorry to hear she was a victim to Jamie’s abuses, but she won’t get a pass (from me) for stepping out of the way so willingly and allowing a decade of misery in her own daughter’s life because it was easier or more comfortable. Everyone got the chance of moving on but Britney. Her youth, her money, her artistry, her health, her time with her kids during their childhood and so MUCH MORE was was taken from her and there’s no do over for that.
  9. man, I second your every word in here. You just stated everything that’s been stuck in our throats since ‘07. I’m glad Lynn is finally siding with Britney, but it doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be held accountable for a great deal of what Britney’s been through. She basically sold her teen daughter out for money, and then left her ripped open (and all by herself) for all the vultures swoop in. Britney never got the chance of a normal childhood nor the chance of learning how to proper function as an adult. When the chance came (post her divorce to KFed), she was completely overwhelmed (and can we blame her??), having to cope with a lifetime of hard lessons whilst under international scrutiny. She cracked, as would anyone under such circumstances, and even so her family (Lynn included) just stepped in when MONEY was in jeopardy, not Britney the person. I used to give only her siblings the pass on this situation, but not anymore. Both Brian’s and JL’s recent actions and words show the complicity that exists among this family in keeping the “racehorse” working as long as their pockets are full and she can’t formally defend herself. Britney was right from the beginning: “be wary of others, the ones closest to you; the poison they feed you and the voodoo that they do”
  10. her execution of the choreography in the rehearsal is out of this world... poor thing, she was truly terrified of the snake hahahaha... all clumsy holding on to it
  11. We kinda gotta give it to Britney, tho. She managed to fool even Madonna... There they were, rehearsing just a peck for the show and during the actual performance Britney takes control and give the full on open mouth kiss. Very little people can actually say they managed to get Madonna off guard hahaha. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of a performer. Someone, who owns a stage like Britney does, comes just once in a lifetime!
  12. I always get the feeling that people/artists avoid paying her tribute simply because no one can properly do it justice. I mean, how could they? It’s the woman who was once called “The Voice” we’re talking about. I know that’s not what tributes should be all about, but GP tends to lean that way. You can watch any cover of Whitney’s, and consensus on comment sections will always be “not good enough” or “no even close to the Voice”, even for some proficient singers. I don’t actually blame them for not stepping in those water... As Brit once, rightfully so, said: “You can’t destroy that song, sweetie”
  13. guys, artists don’t go around giving their make-up artists unreleased material... this guy was somewhat believable at first, but now he’s just stretching it too damn much
  14. I get anxious dancing by myself... a bit of stage freight haha. I find dancing with someone much more relaxing... Nothing wrong about being self taught. It means you’re highly talent! When you have it, you have it! 2020’s been a challenge for all of us, to say the least. 2021 will be better... Britney was a natural. The way she moved was unmatched... I’ve rarely seen someone who moved so freely and passionately. We can always dream that they can get to work together once again...
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