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  1. But "Smile" didn't come out two years ago, it came out four months ago....sooo that is my question.
  2. Cool. I wish I lived in the 1900's. I've heard so many great stories about that century!
  3. I could see her having a Vegas residency very soon, especially because of the new Covid vaccine. But she will say, that it's a perfect fit for her because she has her baby and it lets her stay in one place. (I know Britney said the same thing about her boys, but SHE then sold out a European/Asian tour and had the biggest audience for Brighton Pride).
  4. Same way I feel. I loved her when I was younger when she did Kissed A Girl, and Teenage Dream era, but I grew up. It feels like when I was in love with the Teletubbies as a toddler, and then grew out of them. And as an adult I look back and I'm just not into it. I respect what she gave us in the moment but I don't connect to her anymore. She hasn't evolved. Dying your hair blonde doesn't make you a grown woman. IDK maybe I would pay $30 to hear her sing her old hits.
  5. There were many tours planned for 2020/2021, that got scrapped due to the Covid-19 pandemic, BUT if the pandemic never happened do you think Katy Perry would have been able to sell out (or come close to selling out) an Arena Tour to support her latest album "Smile"? There are many legacy artists who can pull this off. Some artist's new albums don't sell too well, but due to their discography, they can sell out a tour in minutes, if not seconds a.k.a. Madonna, Cher, Shania Twain, Spice Girls...Justin Timberlake Do you think Katy Perry has become a legacy artist or do you think she is still relevant enough where she can sell out a tour based off each new album she releases, ...OR is she neither? Discuss.
  6. I wish there was a clip of Britney walking out. The amount of cheering and admiration for her was ginormous! It felt like everyone was rooting for her and finally felt like once she left KFed, the old Britney was back. I love that not one celeb (that I could think of) has said Britney was rude. Even Mary J. defended her against haters. It just shows kindness and humility goes a LONG way in the game of life! Love this! EDIT: Found it! Little Miley Cyrus at the 0:05 mark and it looks like Jesse McCartney says, "She's back"!
  7. Sorry, I can't stand James Charles. I think he is filth and horrible representation of the community. You don't get dropped from so many partnerships and friendships if you aren't being problematic.
  8. Maybe because I'm American and Kylie has never had a HUGE presence here, but MY GOODNESS she is definitely a fashion icon. Her 90's style was soooo se.xy and STUNNING! I love Kylie so much! She always seems so humble and appreciative!
  9. For "fun" funeral songs, these are my two: I think this song is sooo sweet. The sentiment of playing this for the ones you leave behind. I know it's not about death, but what a way to tell your loved ones that when you're on the edge of glory, crossing over, you're dancing your way to heaven. This one, only because my family and friends know Britney was always my favorite singer since I was a kid. So I would hope that whenever they hear a Britney song, they'll think of me.
  10. My sister's friend went. We're from California, but they had a cheer competition in Florida. Britney had a tour date there, and he went. He didn't really know who Britney, but he got a free sampler cassette. He found out I was a big fan and he gave me the autograph and cassette when they got back! I feel so special owning it because it seems rare nowadays.
  11. really?...you don't know Paula Abdul? https://www.facebook.com/Disco80Community/videos/1161863023993343/ You can't tell me you don't see the similarities. Good dancing, flips, jumps, **** costume with lip synching to 20+ year old vocals.
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