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  1. this idiot doing everything she can to keep making sure she looks like a ****** clown. should she hold a press conference next to make her look even more stupid?
  2. this show is great but Kathryn Hahn makes it absolutely immaculate
  3. when the doc premieres, exposing Lou's (allegedly) dark and twisted ways and how (allegedly) awful she truly is as a human being, we won't have to say allegedly anymore because then it's verified and true. i wish the ***** good luck on her attempt to sue her way out of facts
  4. I'd say it's just a shift of tone in pop culture. Like, you take Demi, Miley and Selena who were miles more interesting in the early 2010s compared to now. Regardless pop culture in the 2000s >>>>>>>>>>>> today and there's no competition. Miley, Demi, Jonas Brothers and Selena starting off were miles more interesting than the Olivia girl, her crusty male co-star and Sabrina Carpenter
  5. i'm already bored of this Lorde-lite girl. there's many more deserving people who deserve her success and she's gonna be a one hit wonder
  6. ugh my fav being here without a hit single, we love that
  7. I could offer a theory on this, actually. Seeing as the Gram Girls, LFB and others were gathering hate because of how they went about their drama, people suggested offering Lisa to be the face of the movement. If you consider that the the Gram girls were being honest when they said that LFB was anti-conservatorship and trying to "stroke distrust within the movement" then any effort we make to try to organize the movement further would be against their agenda. So if we were to try and make Lisa the face, they'd do everything they could to discredit her so that we're back to square one with disorganization. We wouldn't know who to trust, and that would play right into their plan - according to the Gram Girls. I'm not saying I'm right about their intentions or that Gram Girls were telling the truth, but the more stuff that happens that LFB is involved in, the more it makes me feel like it could be this scenario. Almost everything they've done since the expose started has been shady
  8. The more this account talks, the more suspicious they look. Now more than ever do I believe that they're playing a game behind the scenes. Seeing as they aren't actually helping anyone now and are just starting fights in the movement, maybe they ALLEGEDLY took money from someone we all know and despise. Just my thoughts.
  9. Jeffree is currently deleting any tweets where he mentioned Kanye and even has a song saying he sucked Kanye off, so I'm kind of inclined to believe it's true
  10. i mean, you're the one who sounds like a clown when the Grammys have been getting backlash for racism for shutting out The Weeknd over his "genre." but if you wanna parade around supporting that tired, dusty institution because our fav is the token artist they go to when they claim they aren't racist, by all means, go ahead. you'll only be embarrassing yourself baby - even Bey herself don't like the Shammys but you do you
  11. just cancel it, no one is happy with them aside from swifties and bts stans anyway
  12. that wig serving Demi Lovato's new do, the only difference is Dua pulls it off better
  13. Maybe if she wasn't such a terrible person, she'd have better success. But she's genuinely an awful person with a terrible attitude and fortunately for everyone, the GP is aware she's annoying and awful, hence why she keeps flopping into oblivion. Also, it's kind of a kii that any time she opens her giant mouth to say something stupid - as per usual - the GP is quick to drag her *** to hell and back. She literally stands no chance with the GP, as they're always targeting her. Let us not forget the way they scalped her when she inserted herself into the 21 Savage memes. They literally held nothing back, and I'm still lowkey laughing even though the jokes were wrong on every possible level I will say that the only non-subpar album she's put out in the last decade was TMYLM because the Skyscraper album, the X-Factor one, and the "I wanna be a popstar!" one were all terrible with decent singles. So aside from being awful, her ability to make good music is hit and miss with mostly misses. A shame too because she has a great voice and does well when she has somewhat of a clear vision with what her albums should be. But seeing as she has no idea what she's doing and doesn't want to speak about her drug relapse for the 2387493248903th time, she's gonna probably flop into irrelevancy because let's face it: nobody wants I Love Me's
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