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  1. I just heated up some leftover fried chicken and ate some celery sticks and a spinach salad. I wish I had a partner who'd cook for me though, I love homemade meals and I'd appreciate them! I'll help out but I don't really like spending my time making a complicated dish. I'll let the ladies do that, or my future spouse, thanking God and them for being great cooks! 😊😋
  2. Going out for walks in nature, observing God's creation Reading from the Bible and meditating on some verses that apply/can help me Talking to people about God and the Bible Wishing people a good day Delivering packages (my job) Waving at people and especially little kids who get amused by the big truck I'm in Praying
  3. That song was sad!☹️ I don't support war/military. One song that I really love is "Nothing Fails" by Madonna. I relate to it as my relationship with God. He is a "silly thing" to some people but I will let everyone know that I love Lyrics: "I'm in love with You, You silly thing, anyone can see..." Another is: "You can take all this, take it away, I'd still have it All !(God)" 😊🙏
  4. I'm a male so my wife will have to take my surname.
  5. Her singles run from TF-TFM was freakin awesome! BTW and onward was a mess! I don't understand how the biggest pop star at the time messed up so bad with her single choices for the "album of the decade". Judas released during Easter week while BTW was still charting? The rush release of TEOG and a bland excuse of a MV? YAI as a worldwide single AFTER the album's release? MTN, aka best song on the album, as a last single??? What happened? If I was her I would've gone like this and truly make the "album of the decade" come to life! BTW (Lead single, perfect!) YAI ( 2nd single, if she wanted to be edgy and risky release this, trust me, it would've done well!) ALBUM RELEASE Judas (3rd single, bring back TFM-Ga after two very different releases from her) MTN (4th single,after betrayal of Judas, release this melancholy but uplifting song during winter of 2011) TEOG (Final single! Released in early 2012 and a perfect end to BTW era!)
  6. Sad but not surprising, Satan is the ruler of this world and of governments. God will soon finish this and these people will tremble!
  7. I have a LOT of goals for 2021 and beyond but the most important is to follow God's will and nail my fleshly desires and inner thoughts from my treacherous heart to the stake. I'm gonna go listen to "Die Another Day" by Madonna from her best album to give me motivation as well! Nothing fails with God! 💪🙏
  8. For Witness she should've gone with the singles like this: 1. Chained To The Rythm (02-2017) 2. Swish Swish (05-2017) 3. Roulette (08-2017) 4. Bon Appetit (12-2017) 5. Bigger Than Me (04-2018)
  9. All her singles were great up until Witness, though something always irked me about TD, it's more of a singles collection than an album and it's not even coherent. It's just hit-ready songs all packed into one album.
  10. This girl is tape! Tape that's been on too many surfaces it barely sticks any more. She won't last on this one. But neither does the celebrity life help.
  11. Thank you. God knows our limits and doesn't let the enemy do more than we can handle. I hope you are also well. I don't think it's been easy for anybody this year but we all need hope, even a little bit!😊
  12. 1. Got a job that I really like. 2. Found God and learned about Him. 3. Listened to Chromatica
  13. 1. Tried to commit suicide 2. Was taken to a psychiatric hospital. 3. Endured rascism and verbal and physical abuse from a co-worker. 4. Experienced spiritual attacks at night. 5. Exposed a dark secret from my past to some detectives. 6. Recently was arrested and got taken to jail. 7. Currently under house arrest and it sucks! It hasn't been the best for me honestly. I have fragile hope and trust in God to help me.
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