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  1. I agree, and love it too. But you have to watch without remembering what happened in the next years. It is very beautiful to see her happy and loving. When I bought the DVD I watched it every day lol
  2. My thoughts about fruit and yellow color posted at the same day "What I've been thinking is the team con is reading you here in BH. So they choose what to post according to your feedback. I think maybe we are being manipulated by them, while we think we are in front of them." They know what we think about it.
  3. Justin looks **** bad But throughout my teenage years I was "team justney"
  4. I feel it too, btw. Its so sad. It's like someone is talking: "Cmon grl, it's time to produce content."
  5. I didnt have the patience to watch this come and go until the end of the video
  6. In high school I threw a case at the face of a class friend who cursed Britney. So I don't know if it was a good reference.
  7. I think you can now close the discussion to focus on what really matters: free britney.
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