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  1. #FreeBritney Several things strange here. Saturday post? Talking about artist suppression? Interesting.
  2. So if this is true that colors Bryan’s interview a bit for me. He was like grasping for straws on the reasons for her conservstorship (reservation making , driving) shows he really doesn’t believe in it. It fuels the fire in such a way where he didn’t directly say she didn’t need it but allows people to draw their own conclusions on how ludicrous it is.
  3. I’m so confused. Almost every news article I’ve read says the conservatorship is set to “expire” on August 22nd. Is that just Jody Montgomery being conservator or her having the conservatorship in total? I thought it was permanent. If it’s temporary does that mean the conservatorship review in early August could free her? Help a girl understand plz 💖
  4. The ruse is over. I think she is not working currently on purpose. I support Britney the person and will not buy anything until she is free.
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