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  1. I've had a couple friends with BPD (and ex-friends unfortunately) but based off pure speculation and as an outsider, I wouldn't really put her in that box. I don't see any part of her that is like stereotypically black and white thinking like its sufferers tend to have, it would have definitely shown itself already at least unintentionally. I don't know her on a personal level obviously but she has always been pretty consistent in terms of her persona and personal relationships (I think).
  2. Jamie needs to pull himself up by his colon bootstraps and get a real job
  3. One Of The Boys and its acoustic sets still hold up super well and are an amazing display of her actual singing voice. I hate saying I wish she'd go back to that, but like... I wish she'd just go back to that. She has a lot of potential even with this jazzy version of the song, but we just get fed pop over and over and over.
  4. Do I have to change my name? Will it get me far? Should I lose some weight? Am I gonna be a star? When The Queen Of Self Awareness Speaks You Listen
  5. I like it + am excited for her comeback but I don't know why she used autotune, girl doesn't need it at all 😩😩
  6. I'm amazed one of the biggest pop names in history also concievably happens to be the youngest person ever documented with dementia. Just setting off world records everywhere on that one, can't wait until they do a case study on it. Maybe she should get into dementia activism, surely Colon Spears thinks that would be safer? Since you know she has a mild case.
  7. Exhalers be like Danja. Blackout. B10 / Yellow Album. You know what's black AND yellow? Bees. You know what bees like? Flowers. You know who likes flowers? Britney Spears. You know what letter Britney starts with? B(ee). She's trying to send a message that she's the QUEEN BEE and all her family are just MOOCHING off her product (HONEY)
  8. Imagine Britney gives you a rose and you're all like "Haha Brit this is so nice! Thanks!" and then she proceeds to take it back without breaking eye contact and crushes it in her hand and says "It's just fruit. Fooled ya!" God I wish that were me.
  9. That laugh you hear? Jordan funded it with, like, racketeering and stuff. From the site we all know as Exhale. Who's laughing now, sinners
  10. Oh man. Ohhh man. Autobiography is probably somewhere in my top 10 albums. I was like 12 when it came out. There's some naive/youthful parts of it that have aged kind of weirdly (lyrically) but the overall sound and production... 💯. It for sure influenced me as a musician too. "Undiscovered" could have been a bigger radio hit, still one of my favorite songs ever. "Better Off" and "Unreachable" aged pretty well, too. I was not, however, nearly as enthused with her second album for some reason. Not sure why. I have "I Do" on my iPod, my wife thinks it's too cliché but I think it's a cute little ballad.
  11. mods are asleep, real britposting hours
  12. me frantically looking for subliminal messages in this post and not finding any but good on the queen for looking great these days anyway
  13. A lot of people been knew about her personality for a couple years (the Bush thing is its own dilemma). If you read other anecdotes and testimonies online from people that have worked around her she's basically an ungrateful entitled diva slave driver. You're not supposed to directly acknowledge her or question her at all. You could argue most famous people are ego-driven but for a woman that espouses kindness and welcoming... well. I do think she does have a very dry sense of humor and the pranks and verbal jabs aren't intended to be mean, however this doesn't take away from the fact her real-life persona can be horrible. I put her on my little LGBT pedestal for a bit but the past few years made me slowly take it back when she became a bit tone deaf to the plight of people that aren't (sorry to use this phrase) straight/cis and white too. My wife loves her and I've read a few of her books myself but I have a hard time reconciling with her BTS behavior.
  14. I think it's just a fan at this point (the latest comment about the dress is obvious pandering) but I think it's interesting how they do tend to post hours before things show up on IG (on the same day). I've used removeddit/ceddit to look at some of the other things they deleted and did user analyzers but it wasn't that exciting. They said posting was gonna be a "temporary thing" so
  15. It's been a bit since this topic was made... the account has made further comments on things. Thoughts? I'm thinking it's a troll at this point but they're doing a good job I guess
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