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  1. Yeaaaa cuz observing beyonces fake sales where she and her lable purchase as many cds as possible to bump the sales and also katy perry giving away a copy with every tour ticket sold...sales dont make them good. U didnt read anyone, none of these hoes can actually aing, none of them know how to produce or even answer a simple question when asked what their writing process is because theg claim to write their iwn ****, but cant answer how they knock writing sessions out! Hahahah ur a fool. Hahahhah
  2. Bom isnt done as all her solo since the group has been fire and she now owns more than half of YG baby. And the girls are hardcore hinting at the fact that a reunion is def happening. Bye bye bad girl band hater. When u like 2nd best ull never get anywhere
  3. Well now lets hope BP is done and 2ne1 Reunion comes thru and ****s all over them. Facts that once u detour from using 2ne1 demos they cant have a hit. Hahahahh
  4. Did noone pick up on the fact that the rose wall background and another filming set piece looked exactly like the room that brit and sam were rolling around in in one of her videos she posted??? I think britney let them film in her house since she couldnt actually participate in it, that was the closest she could grt herself to it was allowing them to film in her mansion. Also at the end the credits saying "we reached out for comment and got none" britney isnt mentioned at all. So i think britney was def apart of this docu, and i think she prob told everyone that was involved with her to give their interviees but not enoigh to break the nda agreements.
  5. Yesss we stan a Mermaid Witch cookin up potions. Necromancy magick eyyyy
  6. U obvi ahvent heard her new song. And shes on top of the world again. She just became the owner of most share holders of YG so...she is gonna get her and her girls money they r owed babyyyy
  7. I already speculated this months ago and u guys said i was crazy.
  8. Its not dehumanizing and sorry NOT sorry but i wont change how i call a actual dude to conform to the made up words of a generation that still lives with mommy. U can CISSY ur way out tho
  9. She doesnt want a man with a *******...thats not transphobic thats shes not a lesbian. Lmao i suppose by this boards standards im transphobic because i wouldnt date or have *** with a dude that had a ******* or a chick that had a **** because im GAY and want a real man. A man that was born a man that hasnt had surgery to look like one. Etc etc. Its not transphobic, u all need to get laid and stop attacking ppl ull never meet in real life.
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