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  1. Britney needs a **** banger album like EON
  2. Ur wrong the producer she was working with on the very end of recording said that the album was all but done and was being released soon.
  3. No! Ive been praying it would leak already, unless they r just gonna keep it and use that as an album instead of her recorded new material
  4. Or....oops was just the leftovers from baby like ive suspected since oops came out since both of those albums r the only ones that have her natural voice and the same style for both albums. And britney is the true actual 2nd album with legit fresh recordings...but im alice in wonderland with all my conspiracies what do i know
  5. Ur really missing out on a delish treat. Prob the album she sang the most in her natural tone and its just beautiful all the way thru
  6. Because Lou is prob her wife, as most ppl that work/run those conversion placss r infact gay as well.
  7. No it means that woman with the phone has britney account on her phone
  8. I cant even watch these in full because shes looking like an abused dog waiting for confirm shes doing good and heres her treat. I bet the treat was 3 days with her kids after months of promo. ******* sickos
  9. God ur smart!. This never hit my brain til reading this! Thank u so much for more conspiracy dots ill b connecting now
  10. With her meltdown and how her mother was to them(think female version of Joe Jackson) it wouldnt surprise me if it is revealed shes just another mk ultra slave
  11. I need her to really let the juice flow for her disdain for "The Other One". She barely hit the surface in her book and it was rather vague, no real gossip revealed during that chapter and it upsets me because I WANT THE TEA! Im so parched
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