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  1. Exactly my opinion. This will only remind people that Britney is a 90s artist that hasn't evolved, don't think it will gain her any new fans which is sad because she deserves a new generation of stans
  2. Nah Britney has been sort of a mystery since 2007. No one truly knows details. I think it will definitely bring in viewership, especially after all that has gone down with the movement. We all want to hear her side!!
  3. Gaga doesn't have two 'best selling albums of all time' in her catalogue ...
  4. Take time to heal. Then a long *** docu/interview where she talks about fame, personal struggles & the CON completely unfiltered and from her perspective. Her life has been so interesting. Don't feel like we've ever truly heard her side of it all- For the Record only gave a glimpse.
  5. Wow never realised till i watched the advert that it actually has a sound suited to Christmas? Our queen is so diverse.
  6. The reporter was ******* disgusting. Talking about Britney's health like that at the end so brazenly like she knows anything? And supporting James? There is a special place in hell for women who support other women's abusers. Can we all do our part if we've given it clicks by downvoting it and writing truthful comments please?
  7. Yes, but it's not normal to have one of those main leeches be your own father
  8. Unsure if this has been posted before in the past, but thought to share this 2016 video given recents events. The actor went on WWHL with Andy Cohen and mentioned that he only did the Crazy music video because Britney agreed to appear on a documentary he did about his estranged father. He claims she was featured because she has father issues. He also notes that she had many handlers during the filming of the video. (Note how Melissa Joan Hart has said the same thing multiple times in the past about Britney being super controlled). It's interesting that this was still at the very beginning of her career, long before the CON. Further proof that James Spears has always been a nasty piece of ****. I'm suprised Andy managed to air this freely, remember that one time with Mario Lopez when they cut out the daddy issues part? On a side note, i think the term daddy issues is degrading because it puts the blame on the daughter instead of the ****ty father that she did not choose. Imagine having James as your dad smh. Britney isn't your racehorse *******. #FreeBritney. Adrien Grenier on Britney and filming YDMC
  9. Can some explain why this is dated June 2018 when the episode came out last year? It's giving me mind ****
  10. Yup, it's not her voice at all. It's so obvious somebody was trying hard to be southern as well, the whole 'my dad has a shotgun' thing... yh right like Jamie Spears has ever cared about the wellbeing of his daughter. Especially against a man he hired to become co-conservator? Jason Alexander is obsessed with Brit. He even called her his ex wife in the tabloids, like bish you were married for 2 days.
  11. I really enjoyed this! Two points in particular that stood out to me that i think we should all remember in this fight: 1. Britney is a victim of circumstances, like the lady said. We obviously have no confirmation of her mental health struggle, however it is clear that the 'crazy' label she's been given is so unjust because ANYONE would crack if they were to go through what she has been through. Both in 2007 and the 12 year conservatorship. You can't push a human being to breakdown for over a decade then be shocked that they are no longer themselves or develop symptoms. Ironically people see the end result and use that as a way to further justify the argument that she needs control. Its a horrible catch 22 and is literally how abusers win. Coming out of this mess, she needs the proper care and support she's likely never had. And she needs plenty of time to recover. 2. The 'powerful' people around her are only so because they stole HER power. Her money, her resources, her ability. They're not innately powerful, like the woman said. So this needs to be given back to her. And once it does, they will have nothing. SHE is the force. This episode just made me feel more fire for the movement, can't give up now, no matter how hard it gets. We need to keep raising awareness to her situation and everyone else like hers.
  12. This is random but I've always wanted a re-release of And Then We Kiss with an animated video. I think it has a similar sound to Break The Ice, which we never got a 'to be continued' sequel. ATWK would make a killer one imo
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