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  1. I agree with everyone else. I think the voluntary verbiage is very important legal-ese. Legal language). 

    Remember, Britney agreed and petitioned for Jodi to continue to serve as her personal conservator. Because she herself did not contest or try to terminate the personal conservatorship and rather requested someone other than Jamie. It is considered voluntary. 

    The estate conservatorship is also considered voluntary right now cause Brit did not petition to terminate it, but again requests Jamie off and is requesting the 3rd party financial company to be her estate conservatorship.  

    it shows Britney in a good state of mind, and once Jamie is permanently removed as estate and personal conservatorship- THEN Britney will start the process of terminating the C-ship... one by one. That’s also if she does not mind keeping the estate (financial) conservatorship. Which I think she truly doesn’t mind the financial one as long as Jamie is not in control.  

    It is all strategy and will happen in steps! 

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  2. 5 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

    tbh as ridiculous as it sounds, I wouldn't be surprised if they're actually that uninformed. Like, maybe Lynne really found out about all this stuff through the #FreeBritney hashtag :idkney:

    I don't think Bryan is a good actor, he seems genuine to me when he says he's not aware of anything, like, he doesn't seem to be hiding something, he didn't even showed worried or uncomfortable talking about this. Because as I said on the other post, this ignorance about Britney's situation would explain their lack of action over the years. They're probably all brainwashed / controlled by Jamie, because that's how things are in the South, they just obey the man of the house or something, or they just see "she's doing better" and they all assumed it was the best for her, as the rest of the world did, without questioning anything. The fact he's comparing having her personal decisions controlled to making hotel reservations, shows he doesn't really know the scope of the conservatorship, which makes me believe Britney herself doesn't really know a lot of things either, I mean, that's a bit more obvious. Maybe she doesn't even know the conservatorship isn't valid outside the state, or that she can ask for a termination, etc.



    I have to respectfully disagree. In twelve years, during which some of those years, Bryan was employed for Britney on the same tours that Jamie was.... that he is THAT oblivious? There is no way. They at least had to talk business and that alone would be enough for Bryan to see if they were pushing her past her limits just for financial reasons. 

    Bryan was playing stupid intentionally. If he doesn’t know anything then how can people hate on him? It’s exactly what he wanted. 

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