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  1. I agree with everyone else. I think the voluntary verbiage is very important legal-ese. Legal language). Remember, Britney agreed and petitioned for Jodi to continue to serve as her personal conservator. Because she herself did not contest or try to terminate the personal conservatorship and rather requested someone other than Jamie. It is considered voluntary. The estate conservatorship is also considered voluntary right now cause Brit did not petition to terminate it, but again requests Jamie off and is requesting the 3rd party financial company to be her estate conservatorship. it shows Britney in a good state of mind, and once Jamie is permanently removed as estate and personal conservatorship- THEN Britney will start the process of terminating the C-ship... one by one. That’s also if she does not mind keeping the estate (financial) conservatorship. Which I think she truly doesn’t mind the financial one as long as Jamie is not in control. It is all strategy and will happen in steps!
  2. I think it’s safe to say there’s a lot of tension and conflict in the Spears clan right now. Specifically, Lynne and Jamie.
  3. You can run, but you can’t hide, Loucifer. 😈
  4. This is almost if not the absolute best news of 2020! I’m so freakin proud of you, Brit. The light at the end of the tunnel is here, not much longer and you’ll be free. Then you can cut Lou and Jamie and Team Con off with a restraining order. Gosh, this woman is so resilient ❤️
  5. This is wonderful. We should all print this out and mail it to Colons home in Kentwood.
  6. She’s obviously having delusions of grandeur. Quick someone call Lou, she needs a conservatorship!
  7. Oh my! I don’t think I’ve ever seen these before. She’s such a beautiful human.
  8. Ha, Jamie and Team Con are pissing themselves right now from being exposed. The noose is getting tighter on them. And this is just the beginning. We won’t back down, we won’t give up. #freebritney
  9. Let’s go girls! Who’s coming with? #FreeBritney
  10. GET IT, BRIT! "The two sisters... one goes off and lives in a castle because she just can’t deal with it anymore" The way she said that just made 2020 a little better.
  11. Our last hope.. Lynne... UGH. I can't wait til Britney is free and never talks to those mothertruckers again.
  12. How exactly is this 'digging' things up? This is obviously something that was never noticed before, and is huge now that Free Britney movement is gaining momentum. Why are you pressed that this was posted?
  13. Video was removed. But I heard "this is what I don't understand.. these free Britney people are..."
  14. I have to respectfully disagree. In twelve years, during which some of those years, Bryan was employed for Britney on the same tours that Jamie was.... that he is THAT oblivious? There is no way. They at least had to talk business and that alone would be enough for Bryan to see if they were pushing her past her limits just for financial reasons. Bryan was playing stupid intentionally. If he doesn’t know anything then how can people hate on him? It’s exactly what he wanted.
  15. I’m at a loss for words. I had a sliver of hope that Bryan would speak up for his sister and have her back. Instead he acted oblivious to what is going on, appears to be intimidated by strong women, and also views Britney as a cash cow. If you pay close attention to his body language, his eye movements, the vagueness and his choice of words when talking about the conservatorship it speaks volumes and does a lot more “talking” than what he did during those 50 minutes. “It’s been a great thing for our family”. Yeah I bet it has, you money leeching fool. I feel sick to my stomach. 😭
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