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  1. Sweden has a f*ckton of delays. The major cities (Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo - especially Stochkolm) suffer delays with people infuriated in the news weekly. >> I seriously hope they roll it out fast because I haven't been to the gym since november last year knowing that some friends of mine catched the 'rona from there
  2. Sticky & Sweet Tour was the last great Madonna tour... And even then I was shocked at her face in 2008 not getting how she went from Confessions era face to THAT (Body = bangin' (I mean, look up "Vogue 4 Minutes remix" but not matching the face). Fillers are gross imo.
  3. I legit always thought he was gay and had to search for articles mentioning his ***uality the moment I saw this thread
  4. I remember thinking, saying IRL, and typing online, this... Back in 2007. #40inmybodybutstill15mentally #BoomerFeels
  5. This aspect of korean culture is SAD. Like, 95% of K-Pop acts don't appeal to me since I know about this. It's just sad that they get discarded once they reach adulthood. . Also when it comes to the men most boy groups have this off-putting Anime-ish look going on (The thing is called "Flower Boy" in S. Korea) which I don't like that much... I guess it's another example of obsessing over youth/innocence (looking like small cute boys vs rough/rugged/"alpha" men).
  6. Is it ICE CREAM hyuna? If so, then she slayys Didn't start caring about K-Pop until last year, but I remember looking up Ice Cream back in 2012 when Gangnam Style was all the rage
  7. They could sing Naked on Zoom without any choreo and I'd still die of joy.
  8. AMAZING camera quality for 2009 - I wish he/she had been closer to the stage. (Also great sound! You can hear the details from the drums)
  9. OMG I remember how obsessed I got with that particular MV. I was severely disappointed when their live performances never looked like the video I also remember begging my parents to buy me a Spice Girls CD for birthday/xmas... And got Spice World without Wannabe
  10. Uuugggh, Chase Benz was everything He should've stayed (left early during PoM).
  11. They DID film for one in Copenhagen, Denmark - but decided last minute to scrap it because "the crowd wasn't feeling it enough" (Allegedly; I read this from youtube comments years ago). I can chime in a a swedish poster - Scandinavian countries are often more reserved and "low key" than americans in concerts ... We tend to "soak it all in" and appreciate/clap etc after a song rather than go fully crazy during it. Hard to explain, but if you look at german crowds they look even MORE "stiff" and "dead" than us LOL. Doesn't mean that we don't appreciate it (those who went to see Circusney paid expensive tickets after all). A sloppy comparison; It's like how I hear about americans clapping/cheering during scenes in movie theatres - have never experienced it myself. Anyways I never bought the explanation about the Circus Tour DVD: The whole show was centered around that circular stage showing Britney (and her dancers (their choreos are great if you focus on them btw)) from many angles at once. The crowd shots wouldn't have been that important anyway.
  12. First thing I thought of was GET NAKED. But several have posted it already. Just IMAGINE IT in Blu-Ray quality
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