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  1. Haha, nah, I know exactly what you meant and I agree. I didn't listen to this yet so I have no opinion but I had high hopes because all I heard was "it's a rock album from Miley". If the album at least has that fiery sensibility to it, I'll probably still enjoy it and hope she brings the guitars and fierceness in lives.
  2. F.ck, really? Damn, I was really hoping she'd go at it hard. Not that Metallica is hard but She does lean into rock more when doing Midnight Sky live, though, so maybe there's hope. For sure. I barely even know any Miley songs but I was really pleasantly surprised by her new sound. Great raspy vocals and a lot of passion. I wish more artists followed this direction. My favorite live of Midnight Sky is this one:
  3. I'm sorry to say we, in general, don't really know who AOC is here in Europe.
  4. I sometimes buy products from small, one-person-owned, indie companies. The times I've had problems or lost my shipment, no matter how large, they would immediately refund me with apologies, even though it wasn't their fault. It made me respect them and I went back to purchase from them again. Does she have to make it right by that fan? No, I suppose she doesn't. For someone who's been profiting off of someone else's career, not refunding the (to her) measly $150 is trashy as f.ck, if she at all cares about fans having a good experience. She should feel lucky to have someone follow her irrelevant 4ss for 15 years, let's be honest. So yeah, there were better things for her to say. Btw, I've never even seen a business owner reply with "Well, ya can't please everyone! Looks like you're SOL, buddy! Thanks for following us and gl in the future!"
  5. "That's also like a very 2009-- like, can you imagine someone in 2020, like, trying to, like, whack-a-mole every person-- it's just, like, fundamentally impossible." - NYT reporter dude Imagine being this clueless. At least they're not making fun of the movement. Other than that, I think it's really sweet and refreshing how supportive Jordan's father is.
  6. Me trying to decide whether to spend $30 on a sweater at 70% off The guy from OP's video spending $150 to speak to a never-has-been basic [respectful_noun]
  7. IDK I feel like we still might be seeing a post on the day of release or sth like "This is for my fans !!! ✨💋💋💋 I love you guys so much !!! God Bless 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🙏🏼✝️ 💁‍♀️ 💁‍♀️ 💁‍♀️ !!!!!!!!!"
  8. Wasn't Ingham part of the reason she landed in the cship in the first place? I only know what I watched on Deep Dive, but they said he had a 15-minute "emergency" talk with her and walked out of there saying, "She does not have the mental capacity" so that her father and Lou could quickly put her under a conservatorship. Why would it make sense that she has a lot of say over her social media if she can't even buy her own coffee whenever she wants to? They treat her like she has no mental capacity to make statements. Then there's no reason to believe they'd say "Ok, let's ask Britney what she wants posted here." I've been saying it the entire time, she never posted these ridiculous streams of emojis and exclamation marks before I think late 2018.
  9. She really does seem...genuine. Refreshed. Of course, it's hard to tell from photos only, but these are the most relaxed, up-to-date photos we've seen in a long while IMHO. Idk, I still see it, I'm just super confused as to what type of procedure would alter the shape of her smile like that. I think she looks better because her face kind of rounded out again. She looks so much more natural because of that and more like herself.
  10. Are you f.cking kidding me. This is getting ridiculous. Anyway she looks really good. I hope she got to enjoy her vacation with the positive court developments.
  11. I don't mind reading about Jamie being sh.t, but I don't want to read her trashing Britney. The self-victimizing though... not getting my coins, then. Thanks!
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