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  1. I really don't know, but I do think she doesn't post the pictures herself, bc they look really bad quality as If they were screenshots or were sent from Britney's phone to someone else's Maybe she takes a lot of photos and sends them to her social media manager with a caption idk.
  2. i didn’t know too, but i think is very likely to be true bc he appeared on the mv
  3. omg I love Born To Make You Happy too, does that mean Britney and I are related or something?
  4. also it’s the first time in MONTHS she posts on weekends, this is so weird
  5. the gp really thinking free britney is ab her being kidnapped or sum😭😭
  6. THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT! i really think this whole caption is a metaphor to her own life, that a man (jamie) is taking credit (money) of HER talent.
  7. God I love this woman! I’m 100% sure this is not a coincidence, she clearly wants to tell us something. She is so iconic
  8. Isn’t it kind of ironic that she says she’s really lucky? The message seems very clear to me, she even posted the story with Lucky’s chorus playing. idk this seems really like a cry for help.
  9. i kind of agree with u but she can’t just not do it lmao she has a contract, she eventually will record B10
  10. i had this weird dream where i literally saw the lead single, it was called “Body Movement” and the photo shoot was something like Britney looking herself in a mirror in a big empty house, she was posting a lot of pictures related so it felt like she was promoting it a lot. it actually scares me how specific my dream was
  11. i’ve been thinking that for days. it’s such a powerful song imo, and also it reflects really well what britney was going through that time. of course i love womanizer though
  12. I have the theory that her social media team ask her for pictures or videos with certain themes, and they post it when they can. I want to believe the captions are not made by her because i refuse to believe Britney writes with 100 emojis in one sentence
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