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  1. Wow ... I can't believe it took me this long to realize that the reason she had so many "oriental" remixes is to mirror how she was running across the globe.
  2. Definitely, it is nice sometimes. Heartbreak is a lot worse, so I don't miss it entirely lol. I've had the worst experience on OkCupid and Hitch so far. That's awful! Some men just want *** until they want to settle down when they are older. Take it as a compliment. You might consider swinging for the other team. Some lesbians aren't half bad. Good luck! Have hope.
  3. Probably watched this a thousand times. I’m completely enamoured.
  4. That is so sad and soul crushing. Well, if he truly loved you, I guess he would have made much more of an effort. It doesn't sound that way, so probably the right decision. It would have been torture otherwise. You could always reach out, if its just as friends. Have you thought about it?
  5. I've been there. It feels nice when someone notices you and makes you feel special. I think I'm more in love with the idea of love than love itself. As you said, marriage is such a big step. Living day and day out with someone like your family, you have to make sure it is with the right person. To me, otherwise, it feels like a prison. Have you tried dating again?
  6. Best of luck. I can only speak from experience that I have had many terrible relationships and it is likely you might. My only unsolicited advice is that to really get to know someone before settling down with them. People always seems so great at the start, only to reveal their imperfections that don't often sustain a relationship in the long run. Some people think they are ready, but they aren't mature enough. Not that anybody needs to change or be perfect, but ... it is an illusion to think you are in love with someone that isn't being real. Now if you want to be smitten for 3-4 months and open to getting your heart broken ... then all the power to you!
  7. That sounds adorable. It's too bad he ended up being vain from the sounds of it. Tell us the dets then. I'm perched.
  8. Absolutely. I think when you stop wasting time on superficial things, you allow yourself the opportunity to discover and invite meaningful things to come into your life. I'm not saying it is a guarantee. You could die and never find anyone that truly loves you, for example, for you and not what you can offer in body or monetarily. At least your giving yourself that shot or hope because otherwise, there's no hope to be found in fleeting relationships or the attention you can get. It's all temporary. However, the kind of love you build for yourself, that's ultimately real. Even if you have yourself at the end of the day, far more gratifying and reassuring than the kind of falsehood other people may have toward you. In my experience, if you find 2-3 really awesome close friends, can be self-reliant and secure to a degree, that's the realest you might ever get to in this lifetime. And a very select lucky few get to experience a kind of love that's made for a lifetime — and if you're a conscious being, it's one you hope for, but never expect and wish others well for, for those that do. The world is dark enough that we should root for those that have made it in this life. At least, that's just my philosophy.
  9. I'm really sorry this happened to you. It sounds messy, but he just sounds like a mess. First loves are always the worst because it's hard to grabble with the idea that it isn't that everlasting love you hoped it would be when you first got in it. It's a good life lesson so you know your own self-worth. Next time you might start moving on before taking that same person back over and over again. Hope you meet someone good soon.
  10. I don't mind. In that way, Britney can continue to slay. I'm fine with that.
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