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  1. It seems to me that this forum should be treated easier. I remember how I cried when my previous account has been blocked due to the fact that I wrote "haha". Apparently the moderator has some strange associations with this interjection. And I also realized that you can't criticize and write your opinion about Sam. Someone will immediately explain to you that he is great as a God and makes Britney happy. In General, for the word "haha" ban, for criticizing Sam dislike. So I silently read. But I like a lot of things here
  2. The difference between the sisters is obvious. Britney achieved everything with Titanic work and great talent. She worked and developed herself from an early age. And JL always lives on the principle of "and so it will come down". It seems to me that she is lazy and has some complexes. She sang country music, but it looked like she was doing everyone a favor. She starred in the series, but also somehow without much enthusiasm, with one set of emotions. Maybe she could make herself, become an independent creative person, but she is too lazy. Better let Lou wave a magic wand and make a great actress out of it. But money can't buy the talent and love of the audience. You need to work and be born with charisma.
  3. As always, he is promoted, using events from the life of Britney. Just wrote a few words and immediately became the subject of discussion. He always does this to attract attention. Regularly
  4. You can see that this is not a photo, but a screenshot from the video where Britney is dancing. Her neck is red and she's sweating. In General, someone specifically makes just such unsuccessful stills so that people start discussing the psyche of Britney. Unfair and dirty play
  5. Guys, what does a video where JL shows her naked mother and daughter sitting in the bathroom mean? Then we see her dancing very strangely, and a woman is sitting on the toilet behind her. It's kind of surreal https://www.instagram.com/p/CF1P1O2gsjD/?igshid=hsz44fboyc9w
  6. I also don't understand why they are discussing some unknown makeup artist. They also wrote comments to him on instagram. If it wasn't for this forum, I wouldn't have known about it at all, and now this unnecessary information is in my memory. Information garbage and all that
  7. I think they're giving us too much Sam instead of Britney. It is very persistently mentioned and published in Britney's social networks, as a viral ad that we do not want to see, but are forced to look at it. But I want to see and know how things are with my beloved Britney, and it has become insanely small and somehow blurry. Many people even have doubts whether it is her at all. And don't say that people are crazy. It's pretty obvious that Britney has been relegated to the background. Perhaps this is due to the courts and the activation of the movement for the freedom of Britney. I don't know. But I want Britney to be fine 🙏🙏🙏
  8. Where did you see Britney? I try to spot her in that photo and video, but I can't.
  9. Probably the team of Britney ran out of all the photos and now they have started to publish other people's work
  10. Oh my God, this is very funny and weird I went to Sam's profile and read the comments under his video with Britney. A lot of people wrote that he doesn't help Britney, but only cares about his image. There's really a lot of criticism about him. People were constantly texting him to show Britney, to prove that she was alive and well. And so he posted this (old?) video. I liked what I completely agree with and Sam blocked me Why block people who like comments?
  11. And what is the point of Britney voluntarily sitting in prison, not having access to her own money, and not even having the right to give birth to a child just to hide money from the tax service? This is at least absurd
  12. I would like Britney to find happiness with a caring, intelligent, secure and reliable man. I see only Elon Musk as her husband. They would have had many children with unusual names, and Britney would have found a cosmic love with him
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