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  1. Seriously. Absolutely ridiculous. Dua put out the best visuals of the year. VMAs are trash. We've known this. Toxic didn't win Video of the Year. Need I say more? I just hope the Grammy's give Dua the respect she deserves.
  2. I don't think the validity of the accusations are up for debate...
  3. Jordan, hun, the allegations against him are not just "tabloidy." Britney's life was ruined by tabloids. Michael ruined other people's (read: minors') lives. He's arguably the greatest performer, with the best discography, the most legendary career, the most celebrity interest, and the most adoring and committed fans, but he ruined it. He should not be celebrated. It's an important message to send.
  4. Because she pays for it. She's obsessed with her legacy and, in large part, it is manufactured. There's no way she should have more Grammy awards than Madonna, Whitney, and Mariah combined. There is just no way. Her talent is incredible and she works with great people and delivers a great final product, but it is incredibly hyped. To an extent, it undermines that great work other people are doing. There is also so little interest in her celebrity. She would benefit from interviews, from showing weakness, or from just being more relatable. There is nothing relatable about her. All that said, she should be considered among the greats, but not above all.
  5. It was the golden era of women dominating music. Video of the year was won by women back to back during these years. As someone said tho, there aren’t too many classics or songs that people still bop to from this time.
  6. BOMT is offended at that comparison. No one knows Ocean Eyes besides people who would consider themselves fans of Billie Eilish.
  7. No way. Everything I Wanted is her Everytime. Bad Guy is her Baby One More Time I GUESS, thought it's more of an Oops. Her Toxic is still coming.
  8. No way. Everything I Wanted is her Everytime. Bad Guy is her Baby One More Time I GUESS, thought it's more of an Oops. Her Toxic is still coming.
  9. True, but I'd argue this is the best place to be if you want a relatively normal life and sustained career. Might be frustrating or ego-damaging never breaking out super big.
  10. Eh... they take Jamie's money (Britney's money). It always comes back to her team...
  11. Period. Dua Dua's 2.2B streams on New Rules say Hello to everyone in this thread. Neither Ari nor Billie have that. Future Nostalgia music videos are better than any Ariana or Billie have released. Dua is smashing on US radio. Dua's social media impressions are greater than Ari's... though Billie wins this category hands down. Billie Billie is like a young Beyonce. Smells like a lot of payola. That said, her vocals are awesome. Her creative process is awesome. Ariana The queen right now. The Rihanna of the Gen Zs if you will. I have high hopes for her next album (or two). I think Dua is well--positioned to really grow into a massive star with every era. It's hard to say with Billie until we see her second album, especially considering expectations are highest for her.
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