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  1. She seems happy with him, I'm happy for her. He's been her longest relationship ever.
  2. I love her, I just re-watched SATC 2 with a friend the other day and she was easily the best one haha
  3. You said it pretty well. Her team is def amazing at projecting an image that might not be entirely true. She's kind of like a politician in that sense and it often feels dirty. And about the choreography... she's not a good dancer to start with. She brings a lot of energy and attitude to the stage and def owns the stage but she can't dance imo.
  4. For me it's a few things. For starters, she's overrated. I'm not saying she doesn't have talent - she has a good voice, is a good performer, has some good songs. But I don't overly enjoy any of those things about her. Everyone treats her like a God but to me she's just a "good" pop star - nothing revolutionary. Imo she doesn't deserve ALL the praise and awards she gets. I also really don't like that she "borrows" heavily from other artists. She uses a ton of samples, straight up copies a lot of performances, etc. She seems really shady when it comes to that. Imo she should be on more of Katy Perry's level of popularity and not Madonna's (back in her prime). She's not legendary to me so I just don't get that.
  5. Haha I'm surprised that Festive Fantasy leaked before Prerogative Ego was actually released. Usually she releases one fragrance in Jan and one in the summer of every year. Glitter Fantasy was out at the beginning of this year so theoretically Ego would have been this summer and Festive Fantasy would be in Jan 2021. So maybe Ego will just drop soon?
  6. Britney's not saying anything mean about K pop. All Katy does is bash people, she's so negative. Her music is so bad these days though maybe K pop could save her bad albums. You're sounding crazy in this thread. You might wanna stop for your own sake.
  7. I have all of her fragrances except Rainbow Fantasy, Glitter Fantasy, and Prerogative Ego (which isn't out yet) and most of them smell amazing!
  8. I also have a feeling that she hasn't been that involved with making her scents for a long time, prob pre-breakdown. I'm sure she has final say and what not but even in For The Record they show her smelling Hidden Fantasy and she goes "I like it" and that was it lol.
  9. She has so many amazing albums but my fave (not necessarily best even though it's awesome) is Confessions. Solid album!
  10. It's being sold at Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store at Universal Studios in Orlando. Anyone else see it? I can't figure out how to embed from an upload but here's the link: https://ibb.co/3rgrDB8 Reminds me of this pic:
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