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  1. Charlie was the best man she had. she has good chemistry with Mario too. JT was/is a douchbag. Kfed .... good chemistry but he had no job , looked really dumb. Collin ehh.. he looks very dirty Jason T. was old for Britney. Sam , he is ok
  2. Opps era. Just sold 1.3M copies in first week in US. Cos I slay yeah I slay
  3. https://instagram.com/britneyspears.turkey?igshid=1jtdxtt2r87q8 This is a Turkey fan Page of Britney on Instagram And explains all of the bad things happened to britney in 2006-2007. How Media , JT treated her like crap. And also about C-ship and her music. You guys can support this page.
  4. More ITZ and Glory singles Circus Tour DVD 2004 VMA Toxic 2008 AMA Womanizer/ Circus Not attending and perform at 2009 VMA More GRAMMY performances No award show performances for SS and Work ***** Better production for 2016 VMA Better VIDEO for Make Me Not releasing original GLORY cover in 2016
  5. I love the perfume and name "Private Show" but this song is a......choice for PROMO SINGLE.
  6. 2004 VMA Toxic 2004 Billboard Toxic/ MATM 2005 Grammys Everytime LIVE 2008 AMA Womanizer/ Circus 2009 VMA Break The Ice intro / Circus 2011 AMA TTWE/ HIAM 2013 Billboard Scream and Shout with Will.i.am 2013 VMA Work ***** (UPDATE👆)
  7. No no no no no no no no.... This would make britney look desperate. JT is/was desperate so if this happens it would be good for his career. But bad for Britney. His last album flopped hard and he has negative energy now. GP starting to see his real colour.
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