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  1. A one whole bad song and music video, I mean, the song is fine but personally it's a weak single compared to the rest of the song on the album. The song is mediocre. The music video is pretty lame The original music video is way too vulgar (gladitgotcutlol) even Britney didn't like it. What a one whole disastrous recipe. But thank god, Slumber Party saved it all even if her makeup was just outrageous there.
  2. Here's my ranking (to revive blackout2006 album's thread ) for The Fame: 1. I Like It Rough - 10/10 (S) 2. Again Again - 9.7/10 (A) 3. Paparazzi - 9.5/10 (A) 4. Eh, Eh (There's Nothing Else I Can Say) - 9.3/10 (B+) 5. LoveGame - 9.2/10 (B+) 6. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich - 8.6/10 (B) 7. Poker Face - 8.1/10 (B) 8. The Fame - 7.9/10 (C+) 9. Boys Boys Boys - 7.8/10 (C+) 10. Summerboy - 7.7/10 (C+) 11. Just Dance - 7.5/10 (C+) 12. Starstruck - 7.3/10 (C+) 13. Vanity - 6.5/10 (C) 14. Brown Eyes - 6.1/10 (D+) 15. Disco Heaven - 6/10 (D+) 16. Paper Gangsta - 5.7/10 (D) 17. Money Honey - 5.6/10 (D) 18. Retro, Dance, Freak - 5.5/10 (D) (And yes, vanity is technically released, it's just not really included in the album but rather as a bonus for registering for one of her tour back in 2008. Decided to include it as fun) And yes, I ranked i like it rough and again again top three. They're the most underrated songs ever, never understood the underrated popularity and hate for these songs.
  3. So sad to see the dude that worked with Miss Britney Spears and produced one of her best album but only for him to turns out to be like this.
  4. If I had a female dog, I would definitely name it Britney Who's the good *****? Britney! 
  5. Also, this new Folklore genre and thread is giving me new idea to make a new Britney playlist, thanks for the versatile genre and thread y'all
  6. THIS. Along with the other two songs someone has mentioned. If Britney wants to make a Folklore album, she needs to put some instrumental and a little bit of upbeat magic sprinkle, cause otherwise it would be a boring lullabies. Like how I accidently went asleep while listening the whole album of Taylor Swift - Folklore. (pls swiftie don't sent me a death threat and that creepy *** satanic Taylor swift pic )
  7. Before The Goodbye, Boys, Overprotected, I'm not a girl yet a woman >>>>> I'm a flop 4 u
  8. I love how exhalers is worried for Britney cause she made a random question out of the nowhere in a random time. Meanwhile exhalers are also asking random question here...
  9. Brave new girl >>>> and then we kiss, look who's talking now, rockstar I had agree with strangest love though, but i think strangest love fits with the same bonus track with dont hang up and the answer, personally.
  10. I'm so happy she didn't sang it and instead, Sia did. I can imagine the song is going to be x2 heavily autotune af compared to the Sia version. We Stan pixie platypus qween.
  11. As a Muslim, I'm so ashamed to see us people doing this kind of discrimination. I remember when I saw a sexism video on YouTube. Basically this Islam male dude said "If a male jerks off to a youtuber female, the female YouTuber is the one to be blamed here and the male did absolutely nothing wrong!" And I was like "what? what kind of unfair BS and exeggerating statement is that?" And then i realized that most Muslim male is like that. (In Islam, males get to wear what the hell ever they want as long as the clothes theyre wearing cover their stomach, the private part and thats it, meanwhile females has to cover their whole body with only their face and palm of their hand exposed) I also heard that if a male saw a woman not wearing hijab or burqa covering their hair, it's the female that gets x2 the sins compared to the guy that saw the woman's hair. It's so disappointing to me to hear this kind of rules on my religious, i also heard His favourism males more than female and I was like "excuse me what? " It mades me wonder cause I have 100 photos of Britney and Lady Gaga and other celebrity cause I like to draw or do a doodle of them but it turns out what I'm doing is probably just giving them more sins than they should have. Being a Muslim is complex and hard and i wish I could rant more but this is the only piece I could give ATM.
  12. I can't with this thread The fact that this and brave new girl is always skipped and are considered "cheesy" like it seems like we have exposed the fake fans now
  13. With the power of godney's music, cheography (how do you spell it again ) personality, beauty and everything. I may sleep peacefully without thinkin' about the satanic image
  14. Omfg the Taylor swift creepy satanic image is so creepy does anyone knows what it says? Like Tay Tay stans are so creepy omfg, imagine being in the shoes of the person that scores the album.
  15. Britney must be a maleficent, cursing that and those that makes fun of her "Mirror mirror on he wall, who shaded I, Miss Britney Spears?" "*Shows a platypus with a wig* or who we know as, Katy Floperry" ~~i realized that's not Maleficent but rather Evil Queen's iconic quote but whatever~~
  16. My stupid ******* thinking she's referencing one of her songs: ....but it turns out she was just referencing to an album
  17. Yes, we should do that and then we cancel them where they're on the same boat as Shady ****sawn, My name's Jeffrey, Titty and more cancelled famous people ~~that last sentence was a joke pls dont @ me and I definitely didn't said that so these people will replace me in the cancelled boats~~
  18. And meanwhile, on the other thread, a lot of people guessed 280-400k was probably how much Taylor's album was going to sell within the first week and a lot of people disagreed and said "you guys are being way to generous! I'm pretty sure it's lower than 200k 😂" Oh boy how wrong was that... 
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