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  1. People be havin' vision that chromatica was going to be an awesome follow up album of BTW and TFM.. oh boy.. This aged like a cheese
  2. Onlyfans??? Isn't that the **** site? Omg it's reminding me of Trisha Pattaya onlyfans...
  3. Burning up cover of Madonna by Britney sounds like she was sick while recording it like the s&M remix I'm so happy it was scrapped, even big fat bass was better than that mess. Baby boy is just disastrous.. she sings and then a few seconds later the instrumental just plays forever..
  4. Oh **** it's the second season lemme ping some quick people brb. Oh wait I don't have friends here
  5. Favourite: She'll never be me Tell me am I a sinner Ouch Sugarfall State of Grace Strangest Love It Feels Nice Peep Show Dangerous Abroad Least Favourite: Burning Up Baby Boy Instant Dejavu The rest are however bops and sometimes I listen to them! (not that these list aren't in particular order)
  6. The iconic supposedly 2013 Rebellion full leak back then but it got cease and desist because someone told Jordan to featured the thread to purposely **** them up I think.. We all know who purposely did that..
  7. Next time this poll is open, don't forget to vote me y'all. I have my redeeming points: • I'm a flop 4 u sucks and i replaced it with before the goodbye as the opening on my own Britney album. Or by saying that "redeeming point" will just make me even more cancelled than ever..
  8. TIKTOK can go die in hell and I'm happy Donald trump in his lifetime years has finally made a good decision. But guys what about Britney? She's trending in TIKTOK... If we ban tik tok then the views...
  9. Im so confused, I thought she was very poor before her career? Like she lives in a poor neighborhood and they always go to club or smth and she also does? Is she rich or poor?
  10. Jordan, honey, please don't tell me your body """""tingle"""" to this ugly *** tattooed baby face man
  11. Songs that should dominate the top ten of glory (they're not in order): Love Me Down Slumber Party Liar Invitation Man On The Moon Change Your Mind Do You Wanna Come Over What You Need If I'm Dancing Just Luv Me
  12. Hey y'all, important, what happened if you're cancelled?  And considering I got 1 legit votes (that isn't from me /s ) am I cancelled or not?
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