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  1. havent people here already said multiple times they will not support any release until shes free? jesus
  2. I WISH I COULD SEE LOUS FACE RIGHT NOW wheres that gif of the blonde lady ripping off the curtains Lol
  3. no wonder mary js net worth is only 20K Lou mustve stolen everything. mj is in the industry for like 30 yrs she should worth at least 100K
  4. well I wouldnt post about my father beating my sons without my perm on Instagram too I guess haha much less if I was a popstar
  5. beep is amazing buttons and dont cha are only the best known bottle pop hidden gem l
  6. I thought you would bring old songs Lol most of these artists are from today and I dont even know them except for brit and Blur
  7. do you guys remember that other girl Lumidee that came out around the same time? never leave you is one of my fave songs too Lol
  8. stuck played a lot on mtv brazil back in 2003 more to life not so much but still is good me and my friends still love Stuck to this day
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