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  1. Sourab Patodi


    Do you think so if B10 is a bit like Circus or ITZ will it help glory sales also?
  2. 1. Breathe on me - should have been a single 2. heaven on earth as 4th single blackout 3. kill the lights - should have been single 4. inside out or Trouble for me or He is about to loose me as 5th single of femme fatale 5. Given she released Britney Jean - a. Tik tik boom as songle b. Brightest morning star as single featuring her son and love for them- this way she easily transition to soccer mom idle c. Not sure why Britney Jean documentary is not available on Prime or Netflix 6. Slumber party should have feature - Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez , Rihanna , or Dua Lipa. 7. Not releasing DYWCO as lead single and not performing it on MTV VMAs 8 Lead single should have been mood ring in May with a pride remix. It would have been huge. 9. liar with a diss video for JT 10. not releasing enough so singles. She should have released at least 20 more singles to transition to streaming platform
  3. Passenger is a master piece! Unpopular opinion. I wish there was a music video for it or hope she release a music video when conservatorship ends. The concept of music video should be ending conservatorship
  4. Taylor outsold lady Gaga..she is way better any day Taylor is only album artist who make a great album. Gaga want only singles! Taylor >>>>>>>>>>>Gaga terms of sales, tours, Grammy, impact, 4 million selling album in a week, only artist to have diamond single and album, outsold Gaga’s tour, Gaga need Ariana grande to be number 1, Taylor doesn’t need anyone, Taylor is more powerful, confident taylor >>> Gaga
  5. Any thoughts? I feel like S&S has over 800m views on YouTube, 330 m + streams (including remix) and sold over7m+ compiles digitally. Isn’t it enough for diamond certification same for womanizer- 200m streams on Spotify, 200m + Borsa on YouTube, 8m+ sales ww also baby one more time sold over 10m copies, why it’s not diamond? If dark horse can sell 6m in the US and be diamond certified
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