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  1. She's scared as hell, look at her eyes.. she's not doing it on purpose you can tell, poor girl. Her team really are monsters to put this girl Under so much stress like that, she should be home with her kids and that's it.
  2. Here is a real exemple of that. It's pretty clear that this poor girl is completely traumatized from all this abuse she's going through from all these years.. Ireally hope and pray that once she's free of the Cship she can finally find some happiness in her life. We as fans should respect that and stop being selfish and demanding about wanting more and such.
  3. I mean i Don't blame her for wanting to stay away from this mess. This is very unhealthy and toxic for anyone involved.
  4. Epiphany second verse is about COVID patient and doctor situation, very Moving song. [Verse 2] Something med school did not cover Someone's daughter, someone's mother Holds your hand through plastic now "Doc, I think she's crashing out" And some things you just can't speak about [Bridge] Only twenty minutes to sleep But you dream of some epiphany Just one single glimpse of relief To make some sense of what you've seen [Chorus] With you I serve, with you I fall down, down (Down) Watch you breathe in, watch you breathing out, out With you I serve, with you I fall down (Down), down (Down) Watch you breathe in (Watch you breathe in), watch you breathing out (Out), out (Out) [Outro] Only twenty minutes to sleep But you dream of some epiphany Just one single glimpse of relief To make some sense of what you've seen
  5. This. She has never been respected or even seen as an artist by the GP. No one really takes her seriously, she's pretty much seen as a pop commercial american product. The only way she could break this image is (if she's out of the Cship of course, otherwise it will never happen) she decides to participate into a musical project from A to Z and shows real artistry quality in it plus of course sings in her real voice, then maybe she could gain some respect.
  6. She didn't care about it but no she didn't **** it up on purpose, you have to thank Will iam for that he's just rubish. Now can you blame Britney for not giving a ****? Of course not, she's abused by her handlers and has no say in anything.
  7. I disagree sorry, it could have been a great song but it's not. They really ****** it up in the production department on this record.
  8. I'm sorry to say but these people are pathetic human beings, they can't even respect basics human rights such as privacy.
  9. I really Don't think a new album will happen. Once she's free she'll probably want to retire from this industry alltogether and have a normal life, and i Don't blame her lol
  10. It's a bad idea. We should boycott everything Britney until she's free of the Cship. If everyone does that it's gonna hurt her team, that's the only way we can make a difference as fans.
  11. The money will go directly in her team Pocket, that's a big NO for me. I won't buy/support anything Britney until she's free.
  12. Love how smart she is. She's talking without saying anything so she doesn't get caught by her team. Gotta love this girl <3
  13. This. Money really brings the worst in people. She wouldn't be the first to be killed for her fortune. Michael Jackson anyone?
  14. I have a feeling she's not gonna make it to 2021, praying i'm wrong..
  15. no, the lipsynching was always here even at the very beginning, that's because she's not automatically capable to replicate her fake baby voice. It's actually creating damage on her vocal chord in the long run.. Even that they manipulated her into changing her real voice, that's so sad
  16. With all the abuse she's been going through since 2008 it's actually a miracle she's still alive and coherent. I feel ashamed now for thinking she lost her abilities on stage it now make perfect sense. If i was her i think i would already be dead by now or end up in a mental institution a long time ago, she's been surrounded by toxic manipulative abusers for decades now. This girl truly is an angel, we don't deserve her.
  17. This is not just it. Don't you think she has a life/death contract with her handlers, who is pulling the strings? Why these weird af posts about the third eyes when she finally sees some light at the end of the tunnel? We clearly know this is not Britney posting. She's drugged up and can't even fight for her rights, i'm so mad.. i fear she may be in danger for her life. I hope to god we won't get up soon to a terrible news.. i'm legit scared for her life right now
  18. I don't why but i have a very bad feeling about all this.. i think they may try to kill her in between
  19. I have a bad feeling about this guys. I think this is damage control but wait and see..
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