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  1. No she won't. Us - Gaga army are making sure she stays behind bars for life.
  2. #WeLoveYouGaga is stronger than #FreeBritney right now, i love Gaga fans <3 This FreeBritney thing is going nowhere, you're just losing your time e.
  3. #WeLoveYouGaga is stronger than #FreeBritney right now, i love Gaga fans <3
  4. if she does speaks then yes, but until then all this won't change anything in a court. It's entertaining on social media but it won't go beyond that until she speaks or we have solid proof of what is really happening.
  5. I don't, it could be or not. People acting like they know her life when they don't at all are funny to me. It's cute but court doesn't care about allegations or rumors.
  6. Ok, but what PROOF do you have? I'm not speaking of allegaties or rumors. You're not in her life so you can't be aware of all these things. It's only based on conspiracy theories as far as we know, no solid proof to back you up.
  7. You can go to jail for spreading lies or false allegations with no proof to back you up.
  8. Indeed. Unless Tinashe has proof of what she's talking about, she can go down. Lou is not playing.
  9. Hope you're right. We'll see, but i'm not getting my hopes up for anything new after the conservatorships ends.
  10. Yeah she was more invested in Glory than FF or BJ for sure but imagine if she had the choice, i think she would have stayed at her house with her kids and Sam. So yeah good thing for her but probably the end of her musical career as we know it. I'll still be happy for her but still sad no new music will come anymore.
  11. I agree that she deserves it but you can be sure she'll retire from music definitely. No more albums tours etc.. So this isn't really good news for us.
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