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  1. I remember I saw them in the superdome and they flew in on wires lol. I may have seen Shania first but yeah
  2. Lol Shania Twain during the Come on Over era or Backstreet Boys in the late 90s
  3. My vote is for Rihanna. Collabs that have hit number one and I feel like I remember them more than the other examples as a unit. I mean come on... Run This Town? Life Your Life? What's My Name? S&M with Britney? Loyalty? Her rap verse on L.E.M.O.N.? She featured in Kanye's infamous and controversial song, Famous (which was a focal point in the disintegration of T.Swift and Kanye's friendship). A few months later, she had a top 5 song This Is What You Came for penned by Swift. I mean the power is undeniable. Good Tastes, Good Performances, iconic.
  4. Never said she did nor did not, so don’t know what you’re trying to prove. A lot of artists use it when necessary, still doesn’t detract from the fact that her performances have been great or the fact that her Coachella performances set a high bar to clear.
  5. Preach! Beyoncé is a work MACHINE! The visual albums alone are amazing and you can see other artists branch out to do it. (I also give Kanye and Lana some props for that in the early days but on the dedication lvl Beyoncé put into it). i mean her Coachella performance alone was masterful.
  6. You know what, I take it back. If Sufjan Stevens and Father John Misty wrote a melodic folk tune for her... I would listen to that noise everyday.
  7. I would say her Performances are incredible which still means something in the U.S. Good energy, good costumes, good visuals. Also her impact last decade is still technically felt. The Surprise album drop did help move the industry from the tuesday drops to the Friday release days.
  8. it's a bad take and good work shouldn't be rushed. It's not just some product to some people. Also it's very expensive to record and produce music to the quality we all enjoy. To be consistently doing that as an independent artist is unfathomable. Plus it doesn't give much time to let a body of work breathe.
  9. The First and the Third one are the most interesting. I'm so tired of seeing people try to be pretty and just put themselves on the cover like it's a magazine cover.
  10. It was shot incredibly well. I really enjoyed it. The rest of y’all can stay mad lol 😂
  11. No offense to her, but idk the voice she uses would be good for that genre. It feels like she’s too tailored towards Pop music which is fine as there are a lot of avenues for her to take
  12. Catchy Chorus that builds. Distinctive and evocative Vocal delivery that drives the song forward. those are two basic things needed. The chord progressions and beats in pop are usually the same (not a bad thing) and the lyrics depending can be vapid (not always bad), non-sensical, Basic, or just bravado. take a look at Baby One more time. Simple chord progression, not revolutionary on it’s structure, and the lyrics aren’t going to be confused with Bob Dylan. However, the Hook is an EARWORM and Britney’s iconic delivery is the driving force behind the song. honorary mentions to what makes a good pop song these days: good/memorable music video and even better performances
  13. Me too!!! The song is incredible! Bout to take a cross country flight and it’s downloaded on my phone!
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