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  1. Out of all talented people out there, why her? To my mind, she's uninteresting.
  2. Well, many thanks for your kind words budd!
  3. Hopefully, you are not disappointed that I am me and not some rapper from 90s
  4. Alessia Cara and Meghan Trainor. Both, ladies have some bops, however, their catalogue in general is uninteresting to me. Whereas their personalities >>>>>> Khalid, Billie Eilish, Alicia Keys, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Frank Ocean (just came to my mind) are at the same level as the two, mentioned above.
  5. Jokes aside, here's how it is. Entertaining Good-natured Bright Honest Hard/smart working Groundbreaking
  6. No, it would be just Mariah feat. Mariah since JLo is queen of stealing vocals.
  7. I'm terribly sorry my friend but she has never ever been stable since the overdosing/break-ups things. I mean, look at her. She rants at Twitter, then disables all her media accounts, then does drugs, then has song about it, then she plays the victim card etc. Ara far as I can tell, what would help her would be distancing herself from 'fame'.
  8. Well, how many times we've heard such statements? I mean, let the music speak for itself. Also, why on the Earth would anyone compare their "totally unique" piece of art to someone else's "totally unique" piece of art?
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