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  1. I think Britney should go to the European Court of Human Rights. Is there any hope that the corrupt courts in the US will be on the side of Britney?
  2. Yes. If a person has problems, then they can ask for help from their family, close people, and friends to solve them. And Britney never had people like That. All her entourage is very mean and greedy, they only count other people's money, but they are not able to earn at least a hundred dollars themselves. Britney could lose her money, but she could easily earn it again. But who will give her back her freedom and her life? This is a real crime. And I sincerely hope that those responsible will face at least prison!
  3. Britney's life confirms that happiness is not about money. Our girl is a real angel. She is incredibly talented, charismatic, responsive, kind and strong personality. But it really hurts when you realize how unlucky she is with her family, false men, false friends. They don't even let her be a mom. These crooks only see Britney as an ATM. In this situation, we only need to pray and actively cover the problem of Britney. I am sure that public attention and support will help!!!
  4. Guys, many of you write that nothing special happened and that everything is normal. But we are not talking about ordinary things. If it was Dua Lipa and her boyfriend Anwar, it would be obvious to everyone that this is just a joke. But when it comes to Britney, it's different. Britney is the most private person in the world, we don't see or hear her. Obviously, her instagram account is run by other people and she doesn't have access to it. She is deprived of all civil rights. She doesn't have the freedom to do what she wants. But the most important thing is that under every post on instagram, people write the same thing: Britney, go live. Britney, let us know that you're doing well. And Britney tries to do this, but Sam immediately snatches her phone, it's at least strange. And what do we know about Sam? We see it only as a commercial project that is trying to sell itself. We don't know him as a real person. And I sincerely want to believe that he is with Britney not for the sake of fame and work, but because of real feelings and love. But won't a loving man help his girlfriend find the freedom of her voice? For some reason, Sam didn't help
  5. He's just a puppet that was bought cheap to run all the errands for Lou and the company. Another fake guy on the payroll.
  6. If God forbid something happens to Britney, then every member of Her family and Lucifer will start fighting with each other for her money. This will be Mortal Kombat 12.
  7. Britney was an idol for millions of children and teenagers around the world. Everyone wanted piercings like hers, wore jeans with a low waist, made their hair lighter. And now think about how many children started Smoking, taking an example from their idol. I don't think it was ethical on Britney's part. Yes, you can drink, smoke, use drugs, you are the master of your body, do what you want, but don't do it in front of everyone. She is so afraid to gain weight, constantly exercises, but she is not afraid to poison herself with nicotine. Sport and Smoking, these words are antonyms.
  8. Watch the video where Sam writes the word Stronger on Britney's cast. There you can hear Britney saying in a very low and husky voice I love you, baby. This is her real voice, which has become so because of nicotine. The vocal cords become rough, the lungs become tarred, the skin loses its tone and healthy color, and the bones become brittle. This is only the minimum harm from Smoking. The worst thing is of course cancer. I remember crying when I first found out that my favorite Britney was Smoking. This was my childhood tragedy. I understand that this is everyone's choice, but I hope people will one day understand that Smoking is an evil and silent killer. Take care 🙏
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