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  1. Britney was an idol for millions of children and teenagers around the world. Everyone wanted piercings like hers, wore jeans with a low waist, made their hair lighter. And now think about how many children started Smoking, taking an example from their idol. I don't think it was ethical on Britney's part. Yes, you can drink, smoke, use drugs, you are the master of your body, do what you want, but don't do it in front of everyone. She is so afraid to gain weight, constantly exercises, but she is not afraid to poison herself with nicotine. Sport and Smoking, these words are antonyms.
  2. Watch the video where Sam writes the word Stronger on Britney's cast. There you can hear Britney saying in a very low and husky voice I love you, baby. This is her real voice, which has become so because of nicotine. The vocal cords become rough, the lungs become tarred, the skin loses its tone and healthy color, and the bones become brittle. This is only the minimum harm from Smoking. The worst thing is of course cancer. I remember crying when I first found out that my favorite Britney was Smoking. This was my childhood tragedy. I understand that this is everyone's choice, but I hope people will one day understand that Smoking is an evil and silent killer. Take care 🙏
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