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  1. This should be fun! Itll be hard to distinguish who's singing cause they sound identical to me but I'm here for it! How many young people don't know who justin Timberlake is though?? Get me those futuresexlovesounds The music video should be them showering together
  2. Vin: hey guys I'm thinking of doing a song. You think it's a good idea? His friends: ya boo, you'll sound amazing. you are such a good singer
  3. Why do I not believe you when you say that?? Haha But ya it is cute! It's fun.
  4. The only way to deal is with a bottle of wine...to forget it ever happened
  5. Sshe had a song with Demi??? God I can only imagine the screaming match that was. Haha glad I never heard it. Sand accelerate was such a bad song. Oh Xtina...we want to love you but you make it so hard
  6. God I wish this was all a joke! I kept waiting for the part where it says it's all a joke. But just like 2020...its all real and all awful
  7. Omfg I love this way more than I should hahahah DEADDDDD Also damn the paparazzi always catching me in my worst outfits!
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