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  1. Omg, you made me listen to BJ again Brit only sung Dont cry and perfume by herself, thats it. The rest is Myah/Myah + Brit and autotune The fact that Jamie did a duet with Myah I mean chilling with u doesnt sound like Britney AT ALL listen to endings of every word
  2. Its not offensive. What the ****? Nobody's perfect but being fat isnt great either - I was overweighted as a kid (and teenager) and it wasnt good. Im glad he changed!
  3. I don't like this thread. You're all always saying "EvErYBodY Is BeaUtiFuL!!!" so stop stop judging her taste. That's awful
  4. Now that it worked I posted 2 pictures I am always trying to be active here but thats enough btw I love your hair! I wish I had kept my long hair
  5. Guys, I want the best for Britney. I've always been a huge fan. But stop talking about her medication. You aren't doctors (from what I've seen) so stop it! We have no clue about medical treatments. You really believe that Brian (who is not a doctor himself) has the power not to give her the meds she needs? What about the doctors? Please stop.
  6. I'm might be dumb, but I cant insert my image from URL I am done trying, here's the link https://ibb.co/wpnf2xM
  7. Hello, In wanted to remind you that Myah and Jamie Lynn did a song together. Jamie Lynn was part of the BJ album, she knew what was going on. Thats why I think her family wont help Britney. And I want to praise American fans - you have done so much for Britney, thank you! In case you are wondering if she was a fake sister or not. And yes, this song isnt Britney at all. Myah sound almost the same, but listen to her voice closely at the end of some lines. She cannot fake the 'fake baby voice' Britney has lol. The same goes to Hold on tight (the line "hold on TIIIIGHT'
  8. Great article BUT you are not right about her teeth. Im wearing braces and want to become dental technician. Trust me, teeth can move even if you are older. She must have stopped wearing her retiner. Or her wisdom tooth was removed? Maybe she had veneers?
  9. There is something about Rebellion and the album. She must have exposed someone/something related to the music industry. Also what she said when she shaved her head... Wasnt she tired of people touching her? Well, rebellion lyrics pretty much confirm this.
  10. I am actually amazed by the fact that you believe it. She had some live performances after 2007. Her mic was on during FF era.
  11. I saw some users here stating that her mic is off because of her team being afraid. Of course we're used to see her dancing! But dancing, not "dancing". ANd I do wish her songs were pre-recorded.
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