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  1. Everyone was HYPED for Normani’s star to rise after this video came out. And then all momentum died and the song didn’t have staying power. She should’ve had a bigger hit lined up after this. Instead she does a soundtrack song with Megan the stallion that goes nowhere. She just doesn’t have good songs, or any kind of versatility. It was fun seeing an homage to all the 90s and early 2000s videos tho.
  2. Okay here’s my reaction. The death numbers are way down which is why the media stopped reporting on them. And Trump knows that everything he says and does, the media and the democrats will do the exact opposite, like petulant children. So by making a statement that he wanted to protect the soldiers, he and the rest of his supporters are going to thoroughly enjoy the media completely flip flopping on the mask issue. He gets tested everyday. He knows he doesn’t have the virus. It was a gesture to make the soldiers feel comfortable. But of course the liberals foam at the mouth no matter what he does. And he just proved it again.
  3. Wow even Iggy commented. Katy made that fans dreams come true by just commenting. So sweet.
  4. I did the exact same thing earlier. It’s an absolute pleasure triggering irrational sjw liberals who get outraged when you don’t play by their made-up rule book.
  5. Oh that’s a given. She is the mid-day nap QUEEN (ask Ms. Ellen) And I love her for it. I don’t know if I need this spoken word album but I’m just excited for her evolution as an artist. She keeps stretching and evolving and I appreciate it.
  6. You’d be singing that N-word thing on a mountain top right now if it were true. Instead you keep mentioning this? ...AND THE NOMINEES FOR BEST PERFORMANCE IN A POLITICALLY MOTIVATED HATE CRIME HOAX ARE....
  7. Nice try Dolezal. Don’t blackphish me. You’re half white, so take a knee for your ancestor’s transgressions. Am I liberaling correctly?
  8. Of course you’re the victim now. That’s the only play liberals have in their book. Even though YOU quoted ME, to bring up Trump and my race for no reason in a Britney discussion, and continue to engage me. But self victimhood is a liberals natural state. You’re harassing yourself Jussie, because you’re not intellectually equipped for an adult discussion about politics. Go bang your drum in someone else’s face.
  9. I’m proud of my heritage AND my country. Can you say the same? Why don’t you go apologize to more hateful liberals for having the privilege of being born half White. Go bend the knee John Snow!
  10. It’s self-destructive coded language marketed towards you to degrade yourself. I’m not a colored person or a person of color. I’m an American whose proud of my Puerto Rican lineage - PERIOD. I don’t need your new-fangled focus tested race borders that say white is “person” and the rest of us can all be thrown into the “color-person” bin. Get my race out your mouth. THANKS!
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