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  1. Lol it says something that they wouldn’t just play the original video on display TV’s in stores 🤔
  2. Her look in this thumbnail is so cute! But her accent is annoying as hell. As long as she doesn’t talk in her songs and keeps making amazing videos and creative YouTube artsy mixtapes, she’s gonna be a main pop girl in about 2 more albums. Ariana is already shaking in her knee high’s.
  3. It’s not a dream though, it’s real life. How do you explain it? It’s pretty crazy that all the dems running on helping black people have done nothing but bring them down and lock them up with mass incarceration and being against school choice that would allow low income families to send their children to better schools outside of their poor districts of concentrated minorities stuck in poverty. Trump wants to allow school choice, he’s majorly funded black colleges for the next 10 years instead of making them come back to beg democrats for pennies every year, he’s done prison reform, he’s created opportunity zones in black neighborhoods that create incentives to invest in minority neighborhoods, he’s created wealth and jobs for minorities more than any other president in history. All while 50 years of democrat policies have lead to more black abortion than blacks born, more crime rates in democrat run black cities, poverty and homelessness in dem slums. You gotta look at the track record and step back and see what’s really going on. Don’t let the fake liberal media convince you to betray your own eyes and ears. Use your mind for yourself and get out of your emotions about your donkey sports team.
  4. There’s no such thing as hate speech. Who gets to decide what’s illegal to say? The big tech giants? “You can criticize this group but not that group.” “You can’t talk about muslim extremists on the news because it will cause anti-Islamic sentiments.” “Criticizing Israel’s treatment of Palestine is hate speech and will not be tolerated on our platform.” Do you see how that can lead to infringement on freedom of speech? If an individual or group is being slandered, they can take it to court. But catch-all rules that label certain speech “hate speech” is something out of 1984, and infringes on our first amendment rights.
  5. Hate crimes are committed against every race and every religion around the world. That doesn’t excuse any group from criticism of their problematic behavior or racism towards others. Whites and Catholics are criticized for their privilege and hypocrisy all the time, for their views on gays and abortion, as well as the handling of the molestation scandals by the priests. And a decent human will acknowledge the issues instead of crying victimhood every time. But there isn’t a word for Christian persecution, even though they face the same violence around the world. https://www.persecution.org/2020/09/08/500-christians-killed-ethiopia-since-june-report-states/ So please spare me the sob stories. One group’s persecution isn’t more important than another. Christians have been brutalized, killed, tortured and enslaved throughout history too. This is a manipulative tactic used to brush off calls for reformation of exclusionary practices. This is the typical response of anyone Jewish when the Jewish community is called out on their racism. Victimhood instead of accountability. It’s always about THEIR persecution no matter what, in every situation, and it’s sad that other races can’t express how they feel they’ve been racially mistreated because they’ll just be called an “ism”.
  6. Congrats on the success of your people in American media and worldwide. I’m glad you can see that despite the constant labels of anti-semitism from the fake news media, Trump is not anti-semitic or racist towards any race. And as for being slaves, every race was enslaved at some point in history, so that doesn’t make you special. but just as a minority myself, I can say from experience that I have experienced racism from Jews on countless occasions. It’s a very insular community and anyone on the outside is treated differently. I’ve also experienced the kind side of a loving, smart, funny, and welcoming Jewish community. But As a Hispanic, you can’t tell me what type of racism I have not experienced. And there are plenty examples of Jews in power being racist, just like every race. heres a famous one of many. https://www.kltv.com/story/5712380/kramer-apologizes-for-racist-trade/ not being antisimitic, just telling you my experience as a racial minority in this world.
  7. I’ve read self-help books throughout my entire 20’s. At 33 I can tell you what enlightenment and inner peace feel like. May I recommend Echart Tolly, “A New Earth” and “The Power of Now” to help you liberals stop associating with your pain bodíes to validate your egos? Have a blessed day fellow earthlings. 🙏🏽
  8. I saw fergie live in the front row when she was in the black eyed peas and first came out with shutup. She was amaaaaaaaaazing. Best body ever. Show stopping.
  9. It’s a cool song but madonnas black-cent kinda ruin it. It needs an expensive video for anyone to pay it any mind. I’m surprised she’s letting this one get in in one her territory. That’s new. Maybe an old dog can learn new tricks.
  10. They’re literally the most protected class in the world. Nobody is hating on Jews here, but when we talk about white supremacy, and oscars so white, and white privilege, Jewish people who run Hollywood are never mentioned. They’re treated as a minority while still holding all the power in who gets representation. Nearly every actor in movies and TV is Jewish, as well as all casting directors the heads of the studios and the writers. And that’s okay, but I thought the new definition of being racist had to do with a new focus shift on who had the systemic power? Well whose at the helm of the system?
  11. Oh no! Don’t criticize Jewish people! That’s a no no! Not even when Palestinians are being *** blasted out of their own territory, or when the mainstream Media 90% owned by a minority demographic of 2% of our population depicts blacks as uneducated savages. Nope. Forget all about the Jews’ hand in slavery in America. We have to erase history to defend against anti-semetism! White privilege and white supremacy is only bad when it’s CERTAIN whites. Quick Look over there 👉🏽
  12. I ******* WONDER WHY! I told you that video was trash. She tanked another era again, with yet another overly dark video that nobody wanted to rewatch due to the graphic nature and negative subject matter.
  13. Harry Styles is the new king. Let’s see how his new song is doing. Somebody update us on the stats when they’re in please.
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