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  1. Why it's irresponsible? Why does he have to have curly hair? If the dominant gene is from Britney ... also dimples, etc the rumor has always been there and the mix too.
  2. No,I remember it perfectly and I believe it... time is wise...
  3. I am so glad that she or in this case Lynne spends time with her children and grandchildren, but I find it so horrible that they allow children in the meccanic to spend time with the boyfriends who hire their mother, in the midst of conservatorship, it is so toxic and horrible, so little educational, you have to have little heart to allow this... I sincerely hope that in the future this will not affect them.
  4. Well, Britney was the Platonic love of the future King of England. Compare a miscarriage to someone who has had their civil rights taken away.
  5. The cheap copy of Rebelde Way ... an Argentine soap opera and where the character of Mia Colucci makes a reference to Britney Spears and her performance in 2000 on MTV.
  6. But she is still in the same situation ... her father is still there, Lou is still around, her team is the same ,she is still in a conservatorship... I understand the record company because they have the right to release music since her father/team has signed and they made these decisions but I don't understand the justification of the fans.
  7. We know that she has been there for weeks ... and that this is new emotional blackmail.You celebrate your birthday with beings that you have not chosen and celebrated it in November, almost a month before, it must be super incredible !!!
  8. Do you know how depressing it is that an abuser is called a savior?.Yes, Britney was a laughingstock at the time but this is thanks to her family, manager, for the husband she chose ... because she went the wrong way, she didn't have a proper education and she had no tools to handle what she was facing. Britney probably loves this, but doing it of her own free will.Her father has no right to take ownership of her life, to destroy her life ... Britney probably never recovered from this thanks to her father, family, manager, and for having chosen the wrong path in her life.
  9. No! please stop saying this ...At no time except Britney's life, neither in him nor in anyone in her family or environment. Britney needed protection, love, affection, understanding, support, good medical professionals, good therapists, keeping her away from the press, etc ... there was none of that.
  10. Kevin always was a party boy, during, and after marriage but she was more followed and persecuted by the paparazzi and the media. There is a photo with Kevin drool on a sofa due to ingestion of alcohol around 2007. Do you remember Suge Knight rebuking him this was around that time or his hookup with Jennifer Aniston?.
  11. So Sad!. After so long Lynne publicly says this ... something is but it is not enough and this is not a normal situation of a family nor the natural attitude of a mother.
  12. This theory fits perfectly... She did want to divorce Kevin, the problem is that he was playing the victim in the media and I even think he could claim abandonment of home ... and she was mad because of the years that the marriage lasted, it was the opposite and says that her lawyers, they told her that if she didn't take the initiative, Kevin was going to take it. She was alone, she did not know what to do, she did not know who to turn to, with stress, with harassment from the press, judging her as a mother, etc. Sam earned her trust ...but he had his own plans and interests after being used for them and he wanted his piece of cake. in 2004, in 2005,in 2006 2007,in 2008,etc. Because the "bad" was Britney. Because they weren't interested ... and also Rehab was a "fad" at that time. Because her lawyers don't work for her and her well-being. She has always been trampled, she has never verbalized anything. That she would have put each one in their place.
  13. What I know is that a person in these circumstances cannot marry, cannot have children, or have ***ual relations, in some cases it has to be approved and in other cases it is unfeasible.
  14. This case needs good medical professionals. They also say that it is said that it has been rumored that Britney is engaged to the "boyfriend" and that is practically impossible, as well as having intimate/***ual relations. A person under these circumstances is almost impossible to marry or have ***ual relations and mostly this must be approved. This article is very good and many people have been trying to say it in this forum for example.
  15. It is inspired by the same person, that's why it reminds you of "Hold on Tight".
  16. A life coach who hired her team for a while and she was comfortable with her.
  17. Well, I'm not bored of saying that what I think and you think is good, what these people do is perfect ... I see your expectations.
  18. Well, ... you also bore me and you tire me defending "Chef", Jeff, and Cassie but since they are friends and they go on vacation, then you have to defend them ...that exactly you speak of negativity.
  19. For saying that she does not have access to her Instagram and her team and people around her are lying? No ... that is not negative, it is a reality.
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