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  1. Build a career on the basis of … being a boyfriend of…. Kevin did the same roles in series, an album the problem is that the industry turned his back because it was a joke without talent. If Sam had studied drama for a long time, I would understand this comment.
  2. It will be strange because 26 and 30 years, they are the same only that people pressure you more (only because people for years have idealized and intoxicated that at that age you have to have your life resolved when that is almost impossible). I am 29 years old, at the end of the year I turn 30 and my 27 years were the best years of my life (for now). Don't be afraid of the years and mark your timeline.
  3. If I were her lawyer (in case her family or someone loved by her has hired me to defend her, since she cannot hire a lawyer). I would use this filtered call (mainly because it is a distress call and they are skipping help to a person and this is a crime). I would use the famous Daily Mail leaked letter (because they are her thoughts at the time). I would use the testimony of Jon Eardley and the testimony of Adam Streisand. I would use the testimony of Sam Lutfi and who will tell me why he was trained to handle medications for Britney and who gave his authorization for that? I wonder why an abusive man, without a job and without a salary independent of conservatorship, is the guardian of a person?. I would ask why she was not notified?. I would wonder why the new handler is negligent (aka gym fire case). I would ask so many things and use so many things that Britney's testimony is not even necessary to say that this conservatorship is fraudulent. Well, you say that Britney's testimony is necessary in part is correct and that you think she is happy and fine with the handlers now. I don't think she is okay with unknown people having decision-making power in her professional, personal, medical, and financial life.
  4. 1) Has she not asked for help? 2) That her Instagram is weird or even she now has an organic mental illness does not mean that she has to have or be in a conservatorship. It is true that she has to speak what she feels because if you do not speak about what is happening or how you feel, that does not exist.So it is important to verbalize what is happening to you.
  5. I have not said that this is true, I have said that this was rumored and that in Off the record this was said.I have put the links where they talk about it ... it was a long time ago and unfortunately, people have forgotten and some pages have removed it.Maybe if someday someone talks about what really happened and is honest, we will know the truth. And I said that it was rumored that she allegedly attempted suicide and this was the real reason for the 2002 hiatus and it was rumored that a person did a CPR to her. And I said that over time and seeing the circumstances, these rumors I can believe. Britney Spears False Pregnancy Alarm Spooked Justin Timberlake Britney Spears’ Fear Of Pregnancy Caused Justin Timberlake Split Britney Spears Pregnancy Scare Story Posted Justin dumps Britney after pregnancy scare!
  6. People who are older ... we remember that there were a lot of rumors in the press and Off the record about this. The rumors were that she became pregnant and her father and Larry suggested that she have an abortion.Britney Spears’ Fear Of Pregnancy Caused Justin Timberlake Split it was leaked to the press, the "source/aka Larry" said it was only a false positive, but that cannot be, perhaps a false negative. Britney Spears False Pregnancy Alarm Spooked Justin Timberlake Britney Spears Pregnancy Scare Story Posted Also, the source / Aka Larry said that they suggested (her team and father) an abortion because he did not know who the father was (the source as always playing a good Samaritan) this is a lie because the dates do not match but as always the good Samaritan of the source doing his job. It was also rumored that she allegedly attempted suicide( she felt guilty) and that W.R. did a CPR on her. I always believed this and I don't think pregnancy could destroy her career at the time, look at Kylie or Gigi. Regarding her children, unfortunately, people have that perspective of her, they see her as a frivolous woman (perhaps this woman has given that feeling) when we all know that for her, her children are all.
  7. I'm so glad to read this, good luck and patience with your career. I are unable to diagnose Britney because I have no idea of her medical history and this is all very subjective.I have common points and points that I do not agree with, but this is normal and respectable.I honestly don't think this woman had organic mental illness in 2008 and justifying treatment is very dangerous and high risk( I mean her father, team, lawyers and doctors). You talk about stress and I totally agree with this. I am not afraid to talk or that she has a mental illness, but I am afraid of how her team uses and especially how they treat this.We are talking about a person who is in conservatorship and that is totally different.I'm sorry but I don't see her healthy. I don't think her father, team, doctors, and lawyers have good intentions.The example for me is how a psychiatrist gave orders to Sam Lutfi to medicate Britney( I talked about Sam but can I also talk about her father)? and how her family and the courts used Britney's mental disabilities to strip her of all her civil rights?.Britney in 2008 needed emotional and physical support and also a lot of calm and she did not have that, first the basics for her well-being and then if she needs a pharmacological treatment.
  8. But that "stars" do not have a conservatorship that is the great difference and those stars are not medicated of non-diagnostic illnesses.Sometimes the word "star" gets too big.
  9. Zoe even said that at the time of the movie there were people taking advantage of her. Paris loves Britney but not a single word or help against conservatorship.
  10. I think it would have been more real and honest if she had told the truth,I understand that she wanted to be private, but when he/they say something about their intimacy to the world, it is better to be clear about it and settle the issue. If you don't talk about something, it doesn't exist and that's one of Britney's problems throughout her life.
  11. Something goes wrong when her father prohibits her from everything but he doesn't forbid her to smoke.
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