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  1. In my opinion, they have never considered that this would go so far either at the media or judicial level. I think they were convinced that this was all going to work and a part of me still thinks that they are convinced of this. There are no words for her family and especially for Jamie Lynn and also for Lynne who has taken small steps but not enough, sorry, but a mother would never allow this to go that far. Britney has always wanted to get out of guardianship, but I think she gave up until something happened and that person leaked that voicemail and she has a little hope again. I hope these lawyers do their job properly but I think it is complicated.
  2. THIS!. and they know that she has never spoken for her own benefit and they or anyone will emotionally manipulate her with her children, nephews, brother/sister, or even with her father and they know that she can be on their side and close this issue.
  3. Why do you think they uploaded that video of her dancing to her "Instagram" and then deleted it?. very low and very dirty.
  4. Beautiful, girl, "I'm sorry it was going to be a great era but they decided to destroy you ..."
  5. It scares me because I know that they are going to see emotional blackmail or some cheap trick like they always do but I think it is important that she speak for herself. It is that we know that she has never verbalized anything in her life, either out of modesty, shame, or whatever. The truest and most complete thing she has said about her life has been in the leaked letter by Andrew Gallery written by her between 2008/09.
  6. This is what the 2008 web blogger wanted her to do at the time. I think it is unlikely that she will have contact with her attorneys at this time. It is an interesting law but with Britney, it does not work.
  7. I mean due the conservatorship is not illegal, quite the contrary and people don't want to understand it. A source gave this information to the National Enquirer ... and to other people they gave 3 versions, I remember them perfectly. She got pregnant ... She got pregnant but didn't know whose father he was She became pregnant with a person from her town (a person who has never been identified and has never spoken in the press, which makes me think that this person did not exist). Then they said that her father and Larry convinced her for the benefit of her and her career. All these versions harmed Britney and benefited Justin (in fact I remember that they said that he was supporting her but they had not been dating again, this is a lie because then we saw them together in public). I think this is Justin's story( because it was rumored that she got pregnant at the beginning of the year) , I mean I think there was an assault/abuse, not by Jason T. and the assault was very visible and they knew that people were going to ask about this and gave this narrative. They used Jason Alexander because they knew he was going to tell the press and then deny it and discredit it by Britney herself via Twitter and so the topic died and case closed.
  8. Due to the conservatorship, she cannot get pregnant. In 2002 it was rumored that her father and Larry convinced her to have an abortion.
  9. That it's not about this, about being an underage girl, it's about leadership, it's about direction, it's about control and power. Britney had the option of having chosen another manager from the beginning and if this had been done she would never be in this situation. That it is not about being a minor, that it is not about that, that people only stay with that. And Larry has no credit for anything because he destroyed everything. Britney's unexpected fame gave Larry that power and being a dictator at work level and power in her personal life. Like Lynne, they always say that she is a stage mother but she has never been involved in her daughter's life, neither work nor personal.
  10. In her day there was a rumor that her father and Larry convinced her to have an abortion and this was in 2002. (Don't be surprised if this rumor asserts itself over time.) Now, due to conservatorship, she cannot get pregnant.
  11. That is,Christina's mother thought of her and the well-being of her daughters. Larry hired Kevin, actually is the first boyfriend hired but he didn't want this to be serious and unless they got married, he just wanted it to be entertainment to keep her busy and by the headlines. I mean an assumption that she met someone new in her life or went back to her old partner in this case Justin but she should have taken time for herself and to compose herself. She had to have breathed, think about herself, love herself, stay away from bad company, not accept the emotional blackmail of her family and above all fire Larry and even start her own record label, and go live in New York. and start a new life. Justin wanted to go back with her until Britney's second pregnant (this in intimacy and here the reason for Britney's poem).
  12. Jive protected her it's true some things but Jive protected her. The problem with all this is Larry (I mean at that time). The narrative of child artists has nothing to do ... It has to do with greed, control, possession, and money ... If Britney had chosen another manager from the beginning, none of this would have happened.
  13. Her mother should have left that house and protect her children and give them a safe life, but she did not. That is a serious problem, mothers who do not leave an abusive home. and she was about to do it but then Larry came along and wanted a boyfriend to keep her busy and hired Teresa to introduce her to Kevin. I imagine the life so good and safe that she had had and she would have fired Larry, take her time, think about herself, and have a new partner or even get back with Justin. If they misbehave with their ex-partners, they are going to misbehave you.
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