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  1. It is not just a random doctor. Britney's own psychiatrist died suddenly in the middle of the investigation of c-ship last year.
  2. Remembrance of who I am. Does anybody remember Jamie's creepy comments on Britney's outfit on For The Record? And also He was the conservator when Britney said she is a mother, and doesn't want to do ****** stuff but her team pushes her to do. He is creepy
  3. I knew those days. I was closely following this website. However something has changed during the last 11 years. I thought maybe team conservatorship has contacted Jordan to stop it or threatened with some copyright stuff. I am not accusing anyone, but this website turned into a nicer version of Perez Hilton with all the boring pop music information rather than hard, real stuff about Britney and her situation. Anyway congrats to Jordan, you fought hard, at least in the beginning. Nobody has to bring up depressive conservatorship stuff all the time, while the rest of the world is asleep. But now people are realizing this mess is not right, so let's keep fighting.
  4. Jordan used to be much more passionate about getting Britney out of the con. Now he seems more like an impartial observer. An honest criticism from me.
  5. Seriously? How can this happen? The sweetest girl (Brit) comes from the clan of leeches (including the doormat narcissist momma Lynn)
  6. I found it on youtube when searching 'freebritney'. Very well done, great for public view.
  7. Oh thank you for posting the original. I love it. I'm glad an exhaler created this.
  8. I did not make this. I found it and wanted to share, because it is touching and beautiful.
  9. Everyone in that family, including K-Fed and his family, benefitted from Britney's court ordered enslavement.
  10. She is the one who put Britney into trouble because of the Kaballah ****. Britney did not want to sell her soul, remember? Madonna does not help, not genuinely. But if the movement continues strong, she will try to gain publicity by showing a late and half assed support.
  11. Finally justice will be served. Britney has always been an innocent pure soul. I can't wait the day when she shines her authentic light again.
  12. He for sure likes to kidnap and torture kids in his video... oh wait that is supposed to be 'art' I guess.
  13. She is brave to do that. Hollywood is a cult run by psychopaths, in order to reach fame, people are exposed to Mk Ultra Trauma Based Mind Control. Miley Cyrus as a child star has been a victim to that for sure, watch her Tongue Tied video, very disturbing. They manipulate human mind through psychotic drugs, electro shock and torture to create memory loss and alter egos, eventually to control it. It usually starts in childhood because child's psyche is easier to split (check Katy Perry Wide Awake, the creepy guys with animal masks, the mental institution). The popular culture is filled with imagery of such horrendous acts, other examples Pink - Just Like Fire, Christina Aguilera - Fall In Line, Lady Gaga - Merry the Night. So when Britney may act weird, just imagine the stresses and pain that she has been through because of MK Ultra. But I believe there is always hope and recovery even for a small degree. Human spirit is strong. So for sure FREEBRITNEY all the way. Maybe when Jamie Spears (the poor excuse for a human being, let alone for a dad) says that the world does not have a clue, he talks about this. No worries Jamie we know (people are waking up) that you enabled those psychopaths to do that to Britney to turn her into an obeying robot, money machine. Besides does anybody find it suspicious that her psychiatrist died all of a sudden during the investigation?
  14. "It is your soul you're not selling..." Please share what you think she was trying to say with this song.
  15. No Jason Trawick, I think he was one of her MK Ultra handlers.
  16. Who do you think did that to her? Or continue to do so? I don't think she ever had bipolar disorder. She has dissociative identity disorder as a result of continuous abuse during childhood (father Jamie and creeps at Disney?) as well as in adulthood, remember rumors on Jason beating her?
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