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  1. While i do believe she is worth way more than the reports say, she probably just charters a private jet
  2. I've been ckecking britney news today, and I noticed TMZ's twist on britney's lawyers words has caused that a lot of news outlets, a big part of them international press, to print the same thing. They are all saying that even her own lawyer thinks she's incapable. Looks like Team Britney got what they wanted with that article, take the spotlight of their shady dealings and how she is trapped and letting people think she is insane.
  3. Britney was under so much scrutiny and criticism because at the time Britney, and almost every female celebrity, wasnt seen as a person in the public eye. She was seen as the embodiment of perfection(gorgeous, rich,could sing and dance) in the eyes of the public she had everything and was throwing it all away. It wasnt untill social media that we got a glimpse of the private life of celebrities, not that carefully constructed image they upheld in public, and started to see they were human too. Add to that that after 2007 people realize that if britney was struggling the constant hounding of the press only made things much worse. The perception of mental illness has changes o lot in the last 13 years. And the general if they knew about the consevatorship(whick not a lot did), didnt know the exact circumstances
  4. Maybe, but she would need to see a vocal coach for a while before to get her vocals in tip top shape. This isnt a concert where only her fans care about her vocals, if she where to go on, it would go viral, so she needs great vocals from beginning to end(no cracking, singing low, difficulty catching her breath). Because if she doesnt sing correctly it will give the haters fuel and, cement the idea to the general public that she cant sing so it will backfire.
  5. I always thought that not recording Feet on the ground was a missed opportunity.
  6. Like it was previously said they are popular with the young generation. I've never even heard a BTS song in my live or on the radio or mentioned anywhere but online. They are a niche that has become very succesfull but apart from people who listen to them no one knows who they are. When Britney was in her prime EVERYONE knew who she was, whether they listened to her songs or not, even my grandma. No one I know listens or mention BTS, so no they dont even come close to her.
  7. Hey guys, So a few months ago there was al this ruckus about Taylor's masters net worth. And now Kanye is looking into what his are worth. So i starded wondering, how much would Britneys masters be worth? Anyone have a clue?
  8. Completely agree with you on that. She will always be the definition of the perfect pop star. To this day new pop acts try to recreate her legacy...
  9. This is great, but streaming has made it almost all about singles now. Don't get me wrong I'll always be team B, but I think in terms of those she wouldn't be on top, at least not anymore..
  10. I grew up in three different countries and while in two of them it wasn't a big deal, but when I lived in Colombia I have to admit I kept my taste on the dl, there when you listen to English pop music, and lets be honest the best songs are almost always female, people immediately start speculating. At that time in that that culture that was the last thing I wanted so I kept silent about it.
  11. She doesn't need to explain herself. But if she ever wants her career back on track(not that she needs to she is a legend already) I think the perception the general public has of her(crazy, unwell, childlike) needs to change. A serious interview, she doesn't need to explain everything, just where she is articulate, mature, strong, funny can hold a a great conversation, hair and make up on point. And show that she isn't a puppet, just a woman who went through a bad time and was punished way too long for her mistakes. Performance wise she needs to want to be there again sell the performance feel it, that was what made her an epic performer. Now she just does it, goes through the steps thinking about what she has to do. And sometimes we have the luck that she remembers that passion that made her the pop princess.
  12. I have read that her conservatorship only manages part of her fortune, so that's why the documents say only 59 million. She has over 100 + million in real estate and trusts that dont appear in the conservatorship docs. Its said that she has a net worth of about 250 million dollars.
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