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  1. Ahhh... The same fan base who call the Army hypocrite... Just for not being it. Where’s Taylor to condem this behavior? In the same place she always stays when her fandom bullies innocent people: At home, unbothered... Maybe even happy.
  2. Oh my god! Taylor used “gay” as a way to insult one of her multiples exes...? Just to finish using gays to have a hit... And about the tweet quoting Nicki Minaj... Oh, c’mon. She were pitting herself to another woman for years and for nothing!!! And of course she took advantage of her image... She’s so hypocrite!!!
  3. Well, she had several couples before she knew her actual boyfriend and I think there are some good reasons for that. Nobody is trying to say something bad with this, is just the way she approaches it, the worst part of the joke is that is dated but that’s the way things happened. A joke doesn’t have to be ***ist just because it is about a woman. Some sense of humor or ability to ignore unimportant things are good and healthy in life. Nobody is accusing or insulting her, this is not the “Famous” song case or a magazine fake news, worst things are happening to people. And, talking about worst things... Did she said something about the #freebritneymovement yet? Maybe this case is not ***iest enough to piss her off... She can do whatever she wants in her life, she’s a free woman, but at the end of the day she used her songs to diss everyone she wanted and she also had some PR relationship. She like to use rules at her convenience...
  4. Congratulations!!! I stopped smoking w**d 5 years ago. I spend many years smoking it until I started to suffer depression after I lost a five years job. That’s when I noticed that I couldn’t sleep well, it also made me very hungry and made me smoke more cigarettes too when I was high. One day I stopped to improve my life. Now I still smoking organic tobacco, much less than before (Just one or two at night), I workout and I eat healthily (I lost 13 pounds last month). So, if you really want it, you can do it!!!
  5. But Gaga fights every time she can to make the world better... That’s what Jordan says...
  6. People criticize celebrities since the beginning of the pandemic, from very little things to this. But at the same time, a lot of people don’t respect the security measures in so many ways, so it’s probably that some of them are from both groups. I’m from Spain, one of the most affected countries in Europe by the Covid. We can’t go out from the city and there’s no much to do, but people from every place of the world is visiting our country in big groups, they even go to illegal parties. So stop acting like celebrities are bringing the Covid to every place they go, we already ****ed up everywhere. Celebrate your birthday in Paris in the middle of a pandemic is kind of unnecessary, but what’s the difference between Justin and Haley and anybody else when so much people is doing what they want ignoring that people are dying?
  7. Yes. After Kings & Queens we can say it, she make bops. Now we need a petition online to make her burn that f#<k¥ng wig...
  8. Oh my... I remember when they were fresh and knew. Now I just can’t stand them... This week I attended a telematic meeting with a video presentation and the background music was Blinding Lights. I muted my computer immediately, I’m tired of this song. This payola thing turns they and their music annoying... If only they were hot as Maluma...
  9. I’m happy to read this. They release bops and I’m here for people with blood in their veins. I’m missing the 90 and 00 style: Bops, choreos, charisma, the looks... God knows that I love a new young star with the X factor, and I enjoy some songs of the last months, but the last generation is boring AF...
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