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  1. When will courts start taking women seriously when they say they are afraid of the abusive men in their lives??? It’s so disgusting. This is especially appalling to me because at this point, Britney isn’t even asking for her freedom. She’s just asking for her dad to be removed because she’s scared of him. How is that controversial? Other professional guardians she will pay with still be in control! Meanwhile psychotic men like Donald trump are not only free, but are given positions of great power. This world is so sad and messed up. I will never understand how the legal system failed Britney so spectacularly at every turn : (
  2. Maybe something to do with child endangerment and the only way she could get any custody of the kids back was to be supervised herself? It would have had to be very serious though....maybe she was about to kill herself and was telling the kids goodbye and the police thought she planned to harm them as well, even if that was not her intention at all? I remember that’s what I thought had happened in 2008 but I never even wanted to say it because it was so sad. Whatever it was...it was a long time ago and she’s gotten tons of help since then and deserves to live her damn life in peace. We all make mistakes
  3. He must! He gets so many women...kids by three ladies and he’s such a freakin bum. Surely he’s at least good in bed?
  4. https://www.walletlaw.com/about-us/ If you visit his website, he brags about being the former co-conservator of Britney Spears. That seems so unprofessional to me, just using her name to boost his image. Even if she did need to be in a guardianship (which I don't believe of course) it still seems like he shouldn't be naming his clients on his website. Did anyone even ask Britney how she felt about that?
  5. Yep. Its going to be pretty easy for her dad to convince people FreeBritney is a joke if people are saying she’s been dead for years and we’ve just been seeing her clone 🙄🙄🙄 That is NOT what this movement is about. Even if y’all were just kidding....please don’t. It just makes us all look ridiculous.
  6. Is his comment about the death threats true? Has the family actually filed a report with the police about it? Or is he just saying that to make the Free Brit crowd seem nuts?
  7. I remember after this interview everyone was talking about it. Acting like Britney was insane because she had (gasp) applied her own makeup and (gasp) they didn’t think it looked good. Like that was a crime or something. And then she cried (oh the horror) and people freaked out about that too. Meanwhile, Matt Lauer was reportedly ******** harassing his co workers .... but somehow he still had the nerve to be all obnoxious and self-righteous to Britney. I’m glad karma finally caught up to him and I hope he never works again
  8. I kinda doubt she’ll be able to sue. Everything that happened to her was approved by the courts. Conservatorship abuse is awful, but sometimes awful things are still legal due to bad laws that desperately need to be updated. If I were in her shoes, I think I would leave the US and find a beautiful place abroad and spend my days spending my money in a nation that didn’t steal my civil liberties for more than a decade
  9. So Britney has to lose ALL of her rights because she’s used to having a team help her with day-to-day stuff and Bryan doesn’t think she could handle making reservations??? What the actual hell? You don’t have to be in a conservatorship to have a team around you! Britney is a millionaire...Giving her freedom doesn’t mean she can’t hire a top notch secretary or executive assistant to make all her plans or reservations. It doesn’t mean she has to say goodbye to all her financial planners and suddenly figure out everything about managing a big estate. It doesn’t mean she can’t still check in with a counselor. Most Hollywood millionaires have a team of people to help them out (they even made a hit show about it: ENTOURAGE lol) and they somehow manage to do that without losing the right to vote or see their children.
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