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  1. At the time I included perfect lover in my setlist playlist on Spotify i was thinking it was matching the show, i hope the full reherasals leaks one day...
  2. The footages includes break the ice, work ***** and perfect lover: Edit here is perfect lover:
  3. Oops Danja did it again this time sharing again the story of jimbeanz who is identifying Britney and the other blackout songwritters... Trolling or teasing ?
  4. I think Danja worked with Britney on Britney Jean album but the tracks were cutt off the record, they were surely better than the half of the will i am tracks that are on this record ...
  5. I don't want to get your hopes high for nothing, but have you checked Danja's latest Insta stories? First, he was in the studio with someone and you can see candles (vanilla?😳) in the back. Second, he posted about a choreographer and wrote "get naked." Then he referenced the silent one in the last stories, like Britney did in her post...
  6. They could easyly make a lyric video for mood ring with this photoshoot !
  7. Because there's only one ***** the real one Britney 🙃🙃 New vocals equal New song 😂😂
  8. She deserve more recognition Womanizer should have won in 2010! It's not fair she just got one, Glory also should a won something, since it was re-released this year it should be submitted 😂😂😂
  9. Does the nominations for the grammys has already been revealed ? We should make moodringprideremixgrammy trend to make it nominate, could it be eligible since it was realased in 2020? For reminding you I Rise remix by Madonna won a grammy last year 😊
  10. I do not want to take part of any opinions in all this stuff, i don't know where is the truth, all i know is that Britney need privacy and who are we to decide what is good for her ? Please respect the fans that decided to not be involved in this stuff. Mood ring is all about spreading kindness and positivy, that's all.
  11. You re right i am loosing hopes for the MV, perhaps they could do the follow up for break the ice with an animated MV... Or maybe we should get our hopes up for the mood ring remixes part II, i loved the pride remix 😍
  12. Who's up for a performance video for mood ring, this song really grown in me with the remixes. I would love to see it directed by Britney as a follow up of slumberparty and it could be shot like her Instagram videos with a filter a la my prerogative music video, what's your concept of your performance video ?
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