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  1. YAAAS Billie! Unlike Madonna who even did a full on *** book being naked!
  2. I don't want to spoil too much, but she discusses her pop career and the likes of Britney and Xtina. She talks her marriage and issues with Nick Lachey. Spills tea on ex famous BFs. Drug and alcohol abuse. Her fathers sexuality. Childhood trauma. I grew up a Jessica fan and thought I knew a lot about her, but this was so revealing!
  3. More like Frankie Grande. He will do anything for attention
  4. Lady Gaga will make this her new "project". #FreeBritney movement is gaining speed and will spearhead this to take all the credit and be America's hero for rescuing America's Sweetheart.
  5. The cherry is her poossy Brown sugar is Sam's cahhk Bite- is rough s3x Kitchen- bedroom Goes in her stomach- Sam's kuum
  6. I hope it's as juicy as Jessica Simpson's memoir. That was a good read!
  7. I don't like it right off the bat because it sounds like Camila Cabello would sing this
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