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  1. She's very versatile, you should listen to her in full, but these are my picks (apart from "212" that is her most known hit): Rap/pop perfection: Hip-hop (more of a grower tho): Rap/House mix (2nd verse is stellar): You should also check out "Anna Wintour" if you're into the rap/dance genre
  2. North-East, 1 hour from Venice. Have you visited it?
  3. The best food but certainly not the best politics... even tho I noticed we have good company...
  4. That we touch people when we talk That we are loud That we eat pizza every day (Note: we eat pasta every day, pizza is more like a weekend treat)
  5. Maybe it'll grow on you Enigma popstar is fun, she wear burqa for fashion Also, Applause is god material!
  6. Omg BTW is so so good. Or was? Don't know how it aged tho
  7. Aura is probably my favorite - eclectic, fist-pumping, pure energy. I listened to the whole record recently and I re-appreciated it, especially sexxx dreams, artpop (track) and fashion!, that is one of her most underrated tracks imo
  8. 1989! Iconic - probably my only critic would be the over-catchiness of some songs (shake it off, how you get the girl, bad blood) Reputation for the mood she was into, the narrative of revenge and the snakes. Lover is very mature, cohesive and takes things from Red and 1989 but with a dreamy flare. There are some missteps tho. They're all solid in different ways
  9. Not you posting a gif of the bully who joked about shaving her head while she's actually scalping herself in a freebritney thread
  10. The verses of DYWCO are one of my favorite things of the album her confidence jumped out!
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