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  1. you should be supporting fan made releases because there are far and few good releases from her team, and her fan made material is typically magical. you can tell someone who is just making a remix from the ones who actually love and care about the artists (Britney...etc) PERIOD. I can't wait for u to hear it on whatever you use to listen to your music :P
  2. I have done that one and it will be on the release. I have so many I've done that won't make it on THIS first release, but I agree with u... Let Me Be is a MUST!!!
  3. please check out my other thread and vote on what genre youd like the first release to be <3 thanks lovelies
  4. this is the last week to vote!! and please do!! i'll be releasing material THIS Friday July 10th
  5. HAPPY FRIDAY YA'LL!!! I've provided a link to my soundcloud, make sure to follow me to get the whole compilation when its released! have fun this weekend and remember to be safe and wear your masks!!!
  6. HELLO WORLD I need your help deciding what my first release will be from my compilation of Britney songs I've remixed and recreated. So, like this coming fall, please VOTE! <3 xoxoxo
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